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FAQ: Paludis is Stricter than Portage

Merging Weird Stuff

Paludis will refuse to merge various things:

If you encounter an ebuild that does any of these, fix the ebuild.

Packages Failing src_test

Prior to version 0.26, Paludis would always run src_test. Earlier versions of this FAQ suggested using SKIP_FUNCTIONS to override this.

Unfortunately, because the QA standards in many parts of the Gentoo tree are so low, and because some Gentoo developers have such terrible attitudes towards QA, this is no longer the default behaviour. Whether or not tests are run is now controlled by the state of BUILD_OPTIONS: optional_tests in use.conf.

Sandbox Violations when ROOT is Set

Various packages will give sandbox violations when installing to somewhere other than /.

Paludis enforces ROOT via Sandbox. However, some packages don't honour ROOT. To temporarily disable sandbox for these packages, set SANDBOX_PREDICT=/ or SANDBOX_WRITE=/ as appropriate.

Repository Blacklists

Paludis will sometimes blacklist certain repositories. When using a blacklisted repository, you will receive a warning when Paludis starts up. This is not a fatal error, but you should realise that use of the repository in question will likely lead to breakages.

Repositories are only blacklisted under extreme circumstances, such as: