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FAQ: Repository Questions

Profiles vs Profiles

Don't confuse the profiles/ directory with the profiles = setting for e format repositories. The special files immediately under profiles/, such as profiles/thirdpartymirrors, profiles/use.desc and profiles/package.mask, are specific to the repository and not to the profiles that are specified below them. Thus, the profiles = key has no effect upon them but is rather where repository masks are defined.

Repository names

Because of a requirement forced into GLEP 42 by the peanut gallery, repositories are required to be uniquely identifiable. The identifier must remain consistent even if a repository is moved, either locally or remotely, and thus must be independent of user configuration.

For e format repositories, this is controlled by the profiles/repo_name file. It should contain a single string with no whitespace or funny characters. For many repositories, this has already been created for you; for some overlays, probably including your local overlay if you have one, the file is not yet there so you will have to create it.

If a repository has not yet been synced, or if it does not contain a repo_name, Paludis will try to auto-generate a repository name for it. The generated name will start with x-. Paludis will not attempt to generate a name without the x- prefix to avoid strange collisions.

The name of a repository has nothing to do with the filename of the configuration file in confdir/paludis/repositories/.