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FAQ: Undesirable Misfunctionality

wget Resume Support

Non-Problem: With Portage, wget -c is used to attempt to resume downloads of partial files. With Paludis, this is not done by default.

Rationale: This leads to corruption and wasted bandwidth far too frequently. In particular, if an error page that isn't recognised as a 404 is fetched from one server (this is common for mirror://sourceforge/), resume support means wget would then download all but the first few hundred bytes of the file from somewhere else, leading to a corrupt distfile notice only after lots of bandwidth has been wasted.

Paludis uses a much safer mechanism known as 'safe resume'. When downloading, the following steps are taken:

This logic is handled by the default fetcher for http://, https:// and ftp://. This can be overridden by a custom fetcher if finer grained control is required.

Build Resume / Skip First Support

Non-Problem: Paludis doesn't have an equivalent to --resume --skipfirst in Portage.

Rationale: Too unreliable, too flaky, a security hole and far too widely abused; however, if an ebuild exits with an error, Paludis will echo a resume command (paludis -i10 =sys-apps/foo-1.23-r1 =app-misc/fnord-2 ...) that can be used to resume the build.

Paludis also includes --continue-on-failure support. This is much more elegant.

No Automatic Niceness Support

Non-Problem: There's no PORTAGE_NICENESS equivalent.

Rationale: Learn how to use nice. There's no GCC_NICENESS or VIM_NICENESS either.

No Ask Support

Non-Problem: There's nothing like emerge --ask.

Rationale: the paludis client is non-interactive. If someone is making an interactive client, there are much better ways of doing it than the limited functionality that emerge --ask provides.

Restoring XTerm Titles

Non-Problem: Paludis doesn't restore the xterm title on exit.

Rationale: Neither does anything else. Some programs do set it to a guessed value based upon a default prompt for certain distributions, but they don't restore it. You should be using PROMPT_COMMAND to do that yourself -- see the bash documentation.

No Automatic Documentation Compression

Non-Problem: Paludis doesn't compress documentation or man pages with gzip/bzip/whatever.

Rationale: The space savings on an average system are very small, to non-existent for most filesystems. Most documentation and man pages are only about one block in size, so compression won't gain you anything except for wasted CPU cycles.