03:52 Ticket #743 (inquisitio triggers page fault) created by dvrcic
It happens when I try to search for an ebuild using a pcre search engine: …


19:40 Ticket #742 (Strange warnings - dependency resolving) closed by ciaranm
invalid: This means you don't have any installable packages matching the spec in …
19:35 Ticket #742 (Strange warnings - dependency resolving) created by vcunat
When installing I often see really strange warnings in the form like: ... …


14:00 Ticket #741 (kdesvn broke recently - cmake-utils.eclass changes in portage??) closed by ingmar
invalid: Yes, cmake-utils.eclass rejects EAPIs other than "0", "1", "2". […] …
08:48 Ticket #741 (kdesvn broke recently - cmake-utils.eclass changes in portage??) created by cmuelle8
Hi, I get the following error, doing my usual upgrades. Paludis does not …


09:45 Ticket #740 ([feature request] Policykit integration) created by dagger
Are there any plans for policykit integration? It would be useful to be …
09:41 Ticket #739 ([feature request] Inactive use flag) created by dagger
Is it possible to add inactive use flags to paludis -q ? …


18:16 Ticket #738 (Uninstall refused in case of circular dependencies) closed by ciaranm
duplicate: This is basically ticket:470 in disguise. You need to …
18:10 Ticket #738 (Uninstall refused in case of circular dependencies) created by clange
gnome-extra/nm-applet-0.6.6 and net-misc/networkmanager-0.6.6 circularly …


20:56 Ticket #737 (Zsh-completion won't actually use completion cache) created by yzaikin
As paludis --list-packages can be quite costly it is desirable to take …


12:56 Ticket #736 (gnu_info_index.bash: Strip unneeded lines and add a newline) created by facorread
Hello, it is not uncommon to find the following in the gnu info index: …


00:23 Ticket #735 (auto-annotate dependency blocks from exlibs) created by zlin
( 00:44 jmbsvicetto ) ciaranm: I don't know if it matters to you or not, …


22:29 Ticket #734 (Validate news items more) created by dleverton
Several header fields are supposed to be mandatory.
21:45 Ticket #733 (We need better invalidation) created by ciaranm
17:19 Ticket #710 (Paludis --uninstall should treat packages in the system set as unsafe ...) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 0605cc2
00:21 Ticket #732 (Stop using lots of small files for exndbam) created by ciaranm


22:25 Ticket #685 (paludis should give fetch restriction errors / pkg_nofetch at pkg_pretend ...) closed by ciaranm
14:11 Ticket #721 (--continue-on-failure if-satisfied reports unsatisfied (virtual?) ...) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 365a2630932b thanks


19:23 Ticket #702 (exheres-0: make pkg_* phases aware of ...) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 4993721605c
15:43 Ticket #730 (Error for WORK not existing after src_unpack?) closed by ciaranm
fixed: f5f9541c2e3e
14:01 Ticket #729 (EAPI should be a key for installed things too) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 0af5642bb7df
00:43 Ticket #731 (0.40 tracker) created by ciaranm


17:40 Ticket #730 (Error for WORK not existing after src_unpack?) created by ciaranm
Should we make it an error if WORK doesn't exist after src_unpack?
15:12 Ticket #729 (EAPI should be a key for installed things too) created by ciaranm
EAPI should be a key for installed things too, so it shows up for …


19:09 Ticket #722 (Document Exherbo config filenames) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 43e28d7cb


21:03 Ticket #728 (E and VDB tests are too big) created by ciaranm
Might as well finish splitting them up.
16:03 Ticket #727 (Holding names and importances with metadata keys is icky) created by ciaranm
The names + importance thing doesn't really make sense everywhere it's …
15:03 Ticket #726 (gnu_info_index.bash: Error in info file search) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 230e07415d43, thanks. I kinda wonder whether we even need that hook any …
14:43 Ticket #725 (gnu_info_index.bash: Search all directories) closed by ciaranm
14:39 Ticket #724 (stdout to stderr redirection should only be used if appropiate) closed by ciaranm
wontfix: The output of Paludis isn't supposed to be parseable. You should be …


13:38 Ticket #726 (gnu_info_index.bash: Error in info file search) created by facorread
Hello, gnu_info_index.bash:58:14 tells bash to look for files in …
13:34 Ticket #725 (gnu_info_index.bash: Search all directories) created by facorread
Hello, there is a little mistake in gnu_info_index.bash:32:18: the …
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