16:00 Ticket #608 (kvcfo_unquoted_single_word_only) closed by dleverton
fixed: ee8951598e753b4639d2e8272f7b6436557c2513 and …
13:25 Ticket #622 (PALUDIS_UNPACK_UNRECOGNISED_IS_FATAL is being set for 0/1 EAPIs) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 0.28.1, thanks.


14:22 Ticket #54 (paludis binaries link to installed copies of shared libs so updating does ...) closed by ciaranm
duplicate: Let's move this to ticket:616.
13:20 Ticket #619 (--no-config-protection missing) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 94e9ecd removes the option.
12:40 Ticket #623 (+s on builddir breaks set*id) created by peper
With +s on builddir {{{void Merger::do_ownership_fixes_recursive(const …
10:40 Ticket #620 (paludis --report: reports all packages as masked.) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 2f05223, thanks
09:46 Ticket #621 (paludis-scm won't compile with gtk use flag) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 26fd6e6, thanks


08:27 Ticket #622 (PALUDIS_UNPACK_UNRECOGNISED_IS_FATAL is being set for 0/1 EAPIs) created by bobgoat
I screwed something up and decided to reemerge world to be safe. Last time …
03:59 Ticket #621 (paludis-scm won't compile with gtk use flag) created by oahong
[…] As you can see, h2def.py has been moved from …


14:15 Ticket #620 (paludis --report: reports all packages as masked.) created by ingmar
[…] […]
05:59 Ticket #619 (--no-config-protection missing) created by Zak
when I remove packages with --no-config-protection option, the protection …


00:30 Ticket #618 (Paludis unmerges config files in some cases when it shouldn't) created by Berniyh
The way I found to be reliable to reproduce this: […] Note, that the …


16:53 Ticket #617 (user dep spec disambiguation is dumb) created by ciaranm
01:47 Ticket #616 (Ruby Paludis.so linked against previous version of ...) created by damm
in irb, or any ruby script that require 'Paludis' you get this handy …


21:12 Ticket #615 (fix tests for fbsd) created by pioto
some tests expect /bin/bash... they should use /usr/bin/env bash instead …
02:26 Ticket #582 (migration: woodhaven.pioto.org => everglades.pioto.org) closed by pioto
fixed: Mailman has been migrated to the new server now, too. That was the last of …


20:59 Ticket #614 (paludis-0.28.0 upgrade don't clean all lib) closed by rufus-azrael
invalid: I have unmerged paludis-0.28.0 and removed all libs in /usr/lib64 so I …
19:17 Ticket #614 (paludis-0.28.0 upgrade don't clean all lib) created by rufus-azrael
When upgrading to paludis-0.28.0 and after running reconcilio (wich …
12:42 Ticket #573 (dohtml -r possible bug w. regards to portage behaviour) closed by spb
fixed: OK, the difference was that portage treats html/ as html/*, while creating …


13:49 Ticket #590 (PackageDepSpec cannot be created if package name ends with a hyphen) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 975ba82125af / d5e5befd325a


06:05 Ticket #613 (Parallel Fetch) closed by ciaranm
wontfix: Parallelism the way Portage does it isn't a goal. If we're doing …
00:44 Ticket #613 (Parallel Fetch) created by plrca2
I'm no programmer, but it seems that parallel-fetch would be a pretty …


22:17 Ticket #612 (--dl-reinstall if-use-changed is acting funny) closed by pioto
invalid: nevermind, apparently this is related to some expected behavior related to …
06:28 Ticket #612 (--dl-reinstall if-use-changed is acting funny) created by pioto
it isn't opting to rebuild subversion and neon... I just added '*/* ssl' …


03:30 Ticket #603 (fix test cases when virtuals repository isn't built) closed by ciaranm
fixed: d7f42a856693


13:41 Ticket #597 (Paludis picks up the wrong USE flag with -E portage) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 3723adb / ca239ee0 Fairly sure that works.
07:20 Ticket #609 (New config_file breaks repository_defaults.conf) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 27bb77dd6c2a, f5993b20c247. Or I shall cry.


08:48 Ticket #609 (New config_file breaks repository_defaults.conf) reopened by dleverton
Still broken. I think we should just kill off DefaultFunction? and go back …
05:35 Ticket #610 (net-proxy/dante-1.1.19-r2 upgraded by portage but not with paludis) closed by BedOS_Gui
invalid: Replying to ciaranm: > Presumably, Paludis thinks it's masked. …
04:37 Ticket #611 (Release tracker: 0.30.0) created by ciaranm
04:36 Ticket #609 (New config_file breaks repository_defaults.conf) closed by ciaranm
fixed: I think a7eff252d935 fixes it. Unless it doesn't.


17:02 Ticket #610 (net-proxy/dante-1.1.19-r2 upgraded by portage but not with paludis) created by BedOS_Gui
Paludis do not detect the dante-1.1.19-r2 upgrade but portage do : …
12:05 Ticket #609 (New config_file breaks repository_defaults.conf) created by dleverton
[…] is a neat idea, but it doesn't work very well in conjunction with …


20:53 Ticket #608 (kvcfo_unquoted_single_word_only) created by ciaranm
Portage apparently allows FOO=bar BAR=baz in various places.


18:47 Ticket #607 (Block: app-text/tetex (paludis::BlockError)) closed by ciaranm
upstream: That happens if a package depends upon something that blocks itself.
18:46 Ticket #606 (Can't install dev-db/postgis) closed by ciaranm
upstream: This is an ebuild bug. It's calling portageq using pkg rather …
17:37 Ticket #607 (Block: app-text/tetex (paludis::BlockError)) created by adijbr
This happens when I was trying install texlive after uninstall tetex. So …
01:41 Ticket #606 (Can't install dev-db/postgis) created by TimCera
Can't install dev-db/postgis. Paludis changes the ebuild name in the …


20:48 Ticket #605 (LINGUAS flags ordered alphabetically) closed by ciaranm
upstream: No. There's no well defined ordering available, so Paludis uses an …
20:44 Ticket #605 (LINGUAS flags ordered alphabetically) reopened by civilian
Can you at least add a command line option to disable alphabetical use …
18:01 Ticket #605 (LINGUAS flags ordered alphabetically) closed by ciaranm
upstream: Ebuild bug. LINGUAS, USE etc aren't supposed to be in any particular …
17:30 Ticket #605 (LINGUAS flags ordered alphabetically) created by civilian
Some ebuilds depend on the order of the LINGUAS flags to determine …


22:39 Ticket #586 (adjutrix -k shows ~arch as arch) closed by dleverton
fixed: 8d653af
19:15 Ticket #586 (adjutrix -k shows ~arch as arch) reopened by dleverton
*mutters something about ciaranm and his silly hacks* Yes, the eclass is …
00:27 Ticket #599 (importare should rewrite getuid() to 0) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 571e096926ba
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