19:39 Ticket #325 (Changing ERepository profile mid-run leads to stale masks) closed by dleverton
fixed: r3282
19:38 Ticket #251 (allow --regenerate-*-cache options to take repo names as arguments) closed by pioto
fixed: Fixed in r3278.
14:50 Ticket #253 (Manifest2 Support) closed by pioto
fixed: Fixed in r3276.
13:52 Ticket #325 (Changing ERepository profile mid-run leads to stale masks) created by dleverton
Masks are cached in the PackageID, but they need to be rechecked when the …


20:43 Ticket #236 (Repository, Environment namespaces) closed by ciaranm
fixed: Now they largely are.


23:10 Ticket #324 (ROOT in src_* should be /ROOT/NOT/VALID/IN/THIS/PHASE) created by ciaranm
ROOT in src_* should be /ROOT/NOT/VALID/IN/THIS/PHASE.
22:44 Ticket #161 (Version equivalence but not equality causes problems) closed by ciaranm
fixed: Not an issue with IDs.
19:48 Ticket #316 (EAPIs should be ERepository Specific) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3269
13:17 Ticket #323 (--dl-suggested install does not register packages properly) created by mabhobs
When I install cran packages with "paludis -i --dl-suggested install …


19:23 Ticket #322 (More verbose 'masked by' text) created by ciaranm
Now that we have smart mask reasons, we should have better 'masked by' …
19:20 Ticket #317 (Smarter MaskReasons) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3259
14:29 Ticket #318 (mailing-list archive link doesnt work) closed by pioto
fixed: Okay, looks like I missed an alias. It should be added and work now. …


19:57 Ticket #321 (DISTDIR should default to: /DISTDIR/INVALID/IN/THIS/EAPI/) created by Alexander
Since it's very difficult to spot. PLease make DISTDIR contain …
16:53 Ticket #320 (--with-default-distribution breaks tests) created by Alexander
--with-default-distribution breaks tests
00:39 Ticket #319 (CRAN Repository) created by mabhobs
The cran_do_install function requires an extra line to make the paludis …


09:59 Ticket #318 (mailing-list archive link doesnt work) created by akira
coming from this site: …


20:59 Ticket #315 (Action keys) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3246


14:02 Ticket #60 (Python bindings) closed by peper
fixed: Replying to Necoro: > Just wanted to ask, how far the …


13:59 Ticket #317 (Smarter MaskReasons) created by ciaranm
A smarter MaskReasons would remove the need for some …
13:59 Ticket #316 (EAPIs should be ERepository Specific) created by ciaranm
EAPIs should be specific to ERepository.
13:58 Ticket #315 (Action keys) created by ciaranm
We should use PackageID action keys in place of some of the …


21:21 Ticket #314 (Stop using exceptions for destringify<bool>) closed by peper
fixed: r3202
09:41 Ticket #311 (Rename KEYWORDS to PLATFORMS) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3200
09:41 Ticket #285 (different character for use_expand) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3200
00:40 Ticket #314 (Stop using exceptions for destringify<bool>) created by ciaranm
Exceptions are slow. We shouldn't use them for the normal case for …
00:07 Ticket #313 (Symlinks not handled in install_TEST, update_TEST) created by koolar
install_TEST and update_TEST are failing if /var/tmp is a symlink because …


21:59 Ticket #220 (paludis -i glibc tries to overwrite '/' with a symlink) closed by ciaranm
fixed: If anyone else encounters this, follow the instructions in comment:7 to …
19:23 Ticket #296 (--with-{clients,repositories}=all) closed by peper
fixed: r3199
17:09 Ticket #312 (New USE depend operator) created by Alexander
For example: A package has support for USE=zlib, but if that is turned on …
00:09 Ticket #311 (Rename KEYWORDS to PLATFORMS) created by Alexander


23:43 Ticket #235 (Creation of testing EAPI.) closed by ciaranm
fixed: Start using individual tickets with milestone:"EAPI Exheres-0".
23:31 Ticket #302 (Fix gtkpaludis) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3193
21:33 Ticket #286 (Split up collection) closed by ciaranm
20:19 Ticket #295 (Safer uninstall by default) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3187
00:51 Ticket #241 (FSEntryCollection -> Sequence, Set) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3181


13:35 Ticket #310 (FAQ gives the example ~ when it should probably state something else) created by avuton
6:44 < avuton> I have it set, as the FAQ example is, for …


18:24 Ticket #224 (QA ordering) closed by ciaranm
fixed: The new qa code allows this.


04:21 Ticket #309 (paludisbuild user don't get access to extra groups assigned to it) created by nikgul
When paludis is dropping privileges to the paludisbuild user it doesn't …


23:52 Ticket #308 (baselayout-vserver fails to merge) closed by kreed
invalid: See  http://paludis.pioto.org/faq.html#mergingweirdstuff. Paludis doesn't …
22:11 Ticket #308 (baselayout-vserver fails to merge) created by Farcaller
[…] Paludis throws lots of messages like […] for all the devices …


00:43 Ticket #288 (BASH_REMATCH variable not filtered from environment) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3155, thanks
00:35 Ticket #254 (Rename Portage -> E) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3154


00:09 Ticket #298 (Fix --query) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3149


21:18 Ticket #307 (Fix env test cases) created by ciaranm
Fix env test cases
21:14 Ticket #306 (Paludis dies after loading a stale metadata cache entry) created by dleverton
When Paludis tries to load a cache entry, discovers it's unsuitable and …
21:01 Ticket #305 (paludis recurses infinitely when sets contain themselves) created by KillerFox
If you add the set “world” to /var/db/pkg/world and then running “paludis …
20:05 Ticket #304 (Fix ruby) created by ciaranm
Ruby was borked by PackageID.
20:05 Ticket #303 (Fix ebins) created by ciaranm
Fix ebins.
20:04 Ticket #302 (Fix gtkpaludis) created by ciaranm
Fix gtkpaludis.
20:04 Ticket #301 (Fix QA / qualudis) created by ciaranm
Fix QA / qualudis.
20:04 Ticket #300 (Fix Gems) created by ciaranm
Fix Gems.
20:03 Ticket #299 (Fix CRAN) created by ciaranm
20:03 Ticket #298 (Fix --query) created by ciaranm
Fix --query, inquisitio output.
19:30 Ticket #297 (Paludis fails on net-wireless/bluez-libs-3.10) created by Farcaller
While installing: […] /var/db/pkg/net-wireless/ is 0755 owned by …
19:26 Ticket #229 (PDE -> PackageID) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3141
15:11 Ticket #296 (--with-{clients,repositories}=all) created by ciaranm
We should support all for --with things.
14:16 Ticket #295 (Safer uninstall by default) created by ciaranm
 http://ciaranm.org/show_post/147 Paludis shouldn't uninstall in-use …


17:27 Ticket #294 (Portage/Paludis equivalent guide.) created by gentoofan23
I'll attach the .html.skel file. Thanks to slarti(Tom Martin) for …
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