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Consider making uninstall-for-block a RequiredConfirmation (possibly better UI)

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20:24 < dleverton> ciaranm: also, I'm wondering if uninstall-for-blocker should be a RequiredConfirmation
20:24 < ciaranm> dleverton: mm. the difference between confirmations and uninstalls for blockers is that confirmations don't alter the decision
20:25 < dleverton> Is that a meaningful distinction for users?
20:25 < ciaranm> i think it is
20:25 < dleverton> Also, if the user says it's OK to uninstall, does that mean we'd uninstall something that could be solved with a version change?
20:25 < ciaranm> generally not
20:26 < dleverton> How does it alter the decision, then?
20:26 < ciaranm> BreakDecision vs UnableToMakeDecision vs RemoveDecision
20:27 < dleverton> Breaking is something different, isn't it?
20:27 < ciaranm> which in turn affects later decisions, since if we're removing we need to recurse
20:27 < ciaranm> in this case, yes
20:27 < dleverton> That's triggered by -r rather than -U
20:27 < dleverton> Er, -u rather than -U
20:27 < dleverton> This is why we have long options!
20:28 < dleverton> And I don't see how preserving the difference between UnableToMakeDecision and RemoveDecision-except-you-haven't-confirmed-it is
20:29 < ciaranm> RemoveDecision kicks in lots of recursion
20:29 < dleverton> Is that a bad thing?
20:30 < ciaranm> mmm, possibly not
20:30 < ciaranm> the ui for Unable's more verbose than that for Remove
20:30 < ciaranm> what we don't want is for users to think "why the heck is it suggesting uninstalling bash?"
20:31 < ciaranm> an Unable does a better job of conveying that than an unconfirmed Remove
20:31 < dleverton> Possibly
20:31 < ciaranm> mm. not sure how easy it is to change that behaviour to compare it
20:31 < dleverton> Is there common UI code for all unconfirmed decisions, or can it be tweaked for each one?
20:32 < ciaranm> it's a visitor
20:32 < ciaranm> so you can shove extra things in there
20:33 < ciaranm> mmm. looks like changing the decider logic isn't hard, if you want to have a try
20:33 < ciaranm> look for "_installed_but_allowed_to_remove"
20:33 < dleverton> Not now, but maybe

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