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Don't require permission to uninstall a blocked package that's also subject to --purge

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20:34 < dleverton> 20:24 < dleverton> ciaranm: also if a blocker on something that would be purged needs such confirmation
20:34 < ciaranm> yeah
20:34 < ciaranm> what do you mean by that?
20:35 < ciaranm> are you thinking upgrading foo, and old-foo-dep is getting removed, and new foo blocks old-foo-dep?
20:35 < ciaranm> s/removed/purged
20:35 < dleverton> If foo-1 depends on bar, foo-2 doesn't, you upgrade from foo-1 to foo-2, and in the same update install baz which blocks bar
20:35 < dleverton> I suppose it also applies if it's foo-2 that has the blocker, yeah
20:35 < ciaranm> mmm. what does it do currently?
20:36 < dleverton> UnableToMakeDecision
20:36 < dleverton> Might be "fixed" for free if we change the thing we were just talking about
20:37 < ciaranm> mm. the problem with all of these changes is that us not realising how it could go horribly wrong doesn't mean it won't go horribly
                 wrong... which is why it's defaulting to "ask for permission for everything"
20:37 < dleverton> Well... --purge is permission, isn't it?
20:37 < ciaranm> oh, it's unable even if you purge?
20:37 < dleverton> Yeah
20:38 < ciaranm> mm, that's probably fixable. but not tonight.
20:38 < ciaranm> plz2ticket all that so i can look at it properly sometime
20:38 < dleverton> I assume it checks for purgeables after it's already done UnableToMake...
20:38 < ciaranm> yeah, purges are done late on

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