Ticket #807 (new defect)

Opened 10 years ago

reconcilio always wants to rebuild dev-lang/swi-prolog-5.6.64

Reported by: clange Owned by: dleverton
Priority: Sometime Milestone:
Component: clients/reconcilio Version: 0.42.2
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Distribution: Gentoo


This happens to reasons that are not obvious to me. While I believe that it is actually a bug in the ebuild, I can't judge on that. I do no longer run portage, do I haven't tried the same with revdep-rebuild, but IIRC in my former portage times, there was no problem with that package (or a previous version of that package).

I can provide complete output if needed.

I can also try to upgrade to an unstable version of swi-prolog if you think it might help.

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