Ticket #1328 (new enhancement)

Opened 5 years ago

Add a delayed checks phase

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Distribution: Exherbo


As mentioned in http://paludis.exherbo.org/trac/ticket/704#comment:3 it would be nice to have a phase that is defined by exlibs and gets called post-source, e.g. to verify that the is used correctly.

That allows failing early, during metadata generation, and not during install. Like require fails when exported phases are not present.

Exlibs that could use this are for example  http://git.exherbo.org/arbor.git/tree/exlibs/easy-multibuild.exlib#n30 and (I think)  http://git.exherbo.org/arbor.git/tree/exlibs/scm.exlib#n367

If multiple exlibs define this phase, they should all be called, without having to explicitly define a version of the phase that call them.

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