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Extended QA Checks

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Paludis, via qualudis and libpaludisqa, supports modular QA checking of repositories. The core framework for QA checks is there; we could use a whole lot more QA checking, and a better interface for qualudis.

Interested parties should provide a rough list of some additional QA checks that they think should exist. To get you started:

  • We support profile QA checking, but don't actually have any useful QA checks for profiles. All those files should be validated if possible.
  • Eclass checks. Again, we do very little checking of eclasses.
  • Think about what you've seen in terms of package breakages. Which of these are most common? Is there a way to automatically check for these things?

You may also want to consider how to present information about mistakes to developers. Can the qualudis output format be improved? Should more information be included? What information is superfluous and merely clutters up the output?

There's a huge amount of room here. Don't limit yourself to things we suggest.

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