Ticket #1249 (new enhancement)

Opened 8 years ago

Better ways to mark directories as forbidden

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Component: repositories/e Version: 0.74.1
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Distribution: Exherbo


Currently we have exdirectory --allow/--forbid and a hardcoded list of forbidden/allowed dirs in /usr/share/paludis/eapis/exheres-0.conf, which is shipped by paludis.

Some packages install dirs that are considered to be user config only, like e.g. /etc/udev/rules.d or /etc/modules-load.d

Others move directories around while another package expects the old location. For example udev tends to move it's rules.d dir around a lot, but there might be other examples. Many exheres continue to install to the old location(s) and are thus silently broken.

Because it might become unwieldly to update such a list inside paludis and wouldn't really work well with third-party repos, I propose one of the following solutions:

  • a command, e.g. exdirectory --forbid-global (or change the semantics of --forbid, since noone uses that anyway)
  • a drop-in dir, where exheres can add a file with forbidden dirs (possibly with a replaced-by = ? annotation)
  • a file profiles or repository metadata
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