Ticket #1213 (new defect)

Opened 8 years ago

warnings about missing build_options:expensive_tests when resolving pbins

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Component: clients/cave Version: 0.70.2
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"cave resolve world -c -mb" shows warnings like:

ave@1325853934: [WARNING e.dep_parser.label_enabled.no_choice] In thread ID '1399':

... In program cave resolve world -mb --without user/* --without group/* --without repository/* --purge */* --without ca-certificates --without help2man --without upower --without icedtea-web --without git --without kdebase-runtime --take xf86-input-mouse --take xf86-input-keyboard --take xf86-video-ati --take xf86-video-vesa -c: ... When resolving and adding dependencies recursively: ... When adding dependencies for 'sys-apps/findutils:0::(create_binary)' with 'sys-apps/findutils-4.5.10:0::kimrhh-pbin-desktop': ... When finding dependencies for 'sys-apps/findutils-4.5.10:0::kimrhh-pbin-desktop': ... When finding dependencies for 'sys-apps/findutils-4.5.10:0::kimrhh-pbin-desktop' from key 'DEPENDENCIES': ... ID sys-apps/findutils-4.5.10:0::kimrhh-pbin-desktop has no choice named 'build_options:expensive_tests', so cannot tell whether label 'test-expensive' is enabled

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