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#1336 locked_pipe_command: No such file or directory new defect MinorRelease cave Basic Functionality
#1356 WHIRLPOOL tests fail on arm7 new defect MinorRelease
#1357 WHIRLPOOL check failed on x86 build new defect MinorRelease
#1403 4 Sistem Curang Menang Terus Judi Slot – Agar bisa memberikan adanya fasilitas kepada taruhan online yang kamu mainkan, karenanya pasti saja lebih-lebih dulu mesti memahami sekian banyak variasi tips dalam memainkannya. Sehingga nantinya bisa diterapkan dengan lokasi yang menolong adanya fasilitas kepada taruhan yang dimainkan. Oleh sebab hal yang demikian pastikan kamu merajai tak sedikit tips bermain slot agar bisa diaplikasikan tiap-tiap-tiap-tiap hari memainkannya dengan pas. new discussion MajorRelease Code cleanup
#128 Gems Repository Support new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Gems Repository
#243 Allow passing non-strings to hooks new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Enhanced Hooks
#284 Distribution-defined defaults should handle ROOT better new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Misc features
#291 Package installing the same file twice causes problems new dleverton defect Sometime
#292 Add list of URIs to be downloaded to paludis assigned dleverton enhancement Sometime Misc features
#321 DISTDIR should default to: /DISTDIR/INVALID/IN/THIS/EAPI/ new ciaranm defect Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#324 ROOT in src_* should be /ROOT/NOT/VALID/IN/THIS/PHASE new ciaranm enhancement Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#336 Copied E repository parts new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Misc features
#350 Add more FetchVisitor tests new peper enhancement Sometime
#354 Find a better way to sanitise permissions after unpack new dleverton task Sometime
#489 reconcilio should have more test cases new dleverton defect Sometime
#490 reconcilio should consider RPATH/RUNPATH new dleverton defect Sometime
#491 reconcilio should symlink-expand SEARCH_DIRS_MASK new dleverton defect Sometime
#492 Investigate use in reconcilio new dleverton enhancement Sometime
#583 Examples for python bindings new enhancement Sometime
#648 SLOT="" should be fatal new defect Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#674 support for "fallback" mirrors new ciaranm enhancement Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#732 Stop using lots of small files for exndbam new enhancement Sometime
#846 'man cave' insufficiently clear for users who can't read new enhancement Sometime cave Basic Functionality
#866 cave display-resolution should follow reasons new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#919 Don't require permission to uninstall a blocked package that's also subject to --purge new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#920 Consider making uninstall-for-block a RequiredConfirmation (possibly better UI) new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#943 Avoid two lots of allocations for new ClassUsingPimp new enhancement Sometime
#944 Send QA messages via OutputManager new enhancement Sometime
#948 Queue aware x of y new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#955 list MYOPTIONS deps along with option deps new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#956 auto-resolution of MYOPTIONS deps new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#963 Uninstall packages in a chroot new defect Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#992 cave - add letter/number which could substitute '*/*' new enhancement Sometime
#1010 triggered exlibs new enhancement Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#1015 cave resolve error for blockers could be improved new enhancement Sometime
#1018 build_options: reinstall_frequency for scm things new enhancement Sometime
#1034 figure out flushing new defect Sometime
#1038 reflink new enhancement Sometime
#1039 Should skip dependent scm builds if scm hasn't changed (in certain circumstances) new enhancement Sometime
#1052 profiles/options.conf validation new enhancement Sometime
#1055 export_exlib_phases bites new defect Sometime
#1057 Don't show masked unavailable candidates if other things exist new enhancement Sometime
#1060 REQUIRED_USE error stinks new defect Sometime
#1065 Split dep specs into presentation and data new enhancement Sometime
#1071 Write IUSE_ANNOTATED to VDB new enhancement Sometime
#1072 Restrict annotations to where they're allowed new enhancement Sometime
#1074 syntax for matching all pbins new enhancement Sometime pbin support
#1075 Propagate early, late backwards new enhancement Sometime
#1087 Improve disambiguation errors when package name exists but not with extra constraints new enhancement Sometime
#1128 avoid loading unavailable where possible, and test new enhancement Sometime
#1141 See if we can dump context on segfaults new enhancement Sometime
#1148 Do pool keys via members where possible new enhancement Sometime
#1179 cave import and cave resume don't work together new defect Sometime
#1186 Support the security set on exherbo new enhancement Sometime cave Useful Functionality
#1239 cave haxx-resume-file or cave resume --edit or something new enhancement Sometime
#1308 Tests failures with python3.3 new defect Sometime
#1328 Add a delayed checks phase new enhancement Sometime
#1331 Previously installed packages are being pulled into merge unnecessarily new defect Sometime
#1341 pbins don't preserve directory ownership new defect Sometime pbin support
#1345 cave fix-linkage terminates with std::ios_base::failurestd::ios_base::failure new defect Sometime
#1346 `install` and `strip` in cave ebuild environment strip extended attributes new defect Sometime
#1347 Portage environment: support repos.conf new defect Sometime
#1348 Please expose slot values in the new fancy slot requirements in the Python API new enhancement Sometime
#1349 Unstubbify eapply_user new enhancement Sometime
#1350 force disable "git auto gc" new enhancement Sometime
#1351 /etc/paludis/hooks ignored if symlink to directory new defect Sometime
#1352 Support ebuild news format 2.0 new defect Sometime
#1354 cave fix-linkage core dump on "empty" .a files new defect Sometime
#1362 ImportError: dynamic module does not define init function (initpaludis) on Gentoo new defect Sometime
#1363 Executable stripping broken with file-5.33+ new defect Sometime
#1365 Add rsync fetcher new enhancement Sometime
#1366 Do not force ordering of weak blockers (in gentoo) new defect Sometime
#1367 Handling of dependencies across slash, chroot and binaries new defect Sometime
#1368 Support BLAKE2B hash in Manifests new defect Sometime
#1369 sys-apps/paludis-scm build failure w/ `python` option new defect Sometime
#335 Improve Log to allow us to only look at messages from certain contexts or what not new ciaranm enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch Misc features
#562 More extensive Context new ciaranm discussion IfSomeoneSendsAPatch Misc features
#659 report when the same $PNV is installed in more than one slot assigned enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch
#1040 git sync fetches all branches, which is usually or always unnecessary new enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch
#768 Cabal Repository support new ingmar enhancement ProjectIdeas
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