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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#43 Bundle handling needs to improve new ciaranm enhancement Misc features Sometime
#76 paludis --list-packages / cave print-packages actions are too slow assigned defect Sometime
#123 GUI Client new ciaranm enhancement Sometime
#128 Gems Repository Support new ciaranm enhancement Gems Repository Sometime
#215 Add --list-hooks assigned enhancement Sometime
#243 Allow passing non-strings to hooks new ciaranm enhancement Enhanced Hooks Sometime
#247 Speed up PortageRepository do_package_names new ciaranm enhancement Code cleanup Sometime
#284 Distribution-defined defaults should handle ROOT better new ciaranm enhancement Misc features Sometime
#291 Package installing the same file twice causes problems new dleverton defect Sometime
#292 Add list of URIs to be downloaded to paludis assigned dleverton enhancement Misc features Sometime
#319 CRAN Repository new kugelfang defect Sometime
#321 DISTDIR should default to: /DISTDIR/INVALID/IN/THIS/EAPI/ new ciaranm defect EAPI exheres-0 Sometime
#324 ROOT in src_* should be /ROOT/NOT/VALID/IN/THIS/PHASE new ciaranm enhancement EAPI exheres-0 Sometime
#336 Copied E repository parts new ciaranm enhancement Misc features Sometime
#350 Add more FetchVisitor tests new peper enhancement Sometime
#354 Find a better way to sanitise permissions after unpack new dleverton task Sometime
#406 read-only name caches new ciaranm support-request Sometime
#454 have --list-repository-formats show help, like --list-syncers assigned enhancement Sometime
#489 reconcilio should have more test cases new dleverton defect Sometime
#490 reconcilio should consider RPATH/RUNPATH new dleverton defect Sometime
#491 reconcilio should symlink-expand SEARCH_DIRS_MASK new dleverton defect Sometime
#492 Investigate use in reconcilio new dleverton enhancement Sometime
#516 reconcilio always wants to build kdeaddons assigned dleverton defect Sometime
#529 erepo->recoverable_error new ciaranm enhancement Sometime
#542 .hook support for ebuild_* and elog hooks new ciaranm defect Enhanced Hooks Sometime
#546 add ALL_TARGETS hook env variable new ciaranm enhancement Misc features Sometime
#583 Examples for python bindings new enhancement Sometime
#648 SLOT="" should be fatal new defect EAPI exheres-0 Sometime
#660 Add option --dry-run for uninstallation process new enhancement Sometime
#674 support for "fallback" mirrors new ciaranm enhancement EAPI exheres-0 Sometime
#732 Stop using lots of small files for exndbam new enhancement Sometime
#788 AccountsRepository: Possibility to update accounts new defect Sometime
#799 importare not respecting change in CTARGET or CHOST when stripping symbols new defect Sometime
#807 reconcilio always wants to rebuild dev-lang/swi-prolog-5.6.64 new dleverton defect Sometime
#846 'man cave' insufficiently clear for users who can't read new enhancement cave Basic Functionality Sometime
#866 cave display-resolution should follow reasons new enhancement cave Long Term Extras Sometime
#877 Feature request: temporary disable use-flags to resolve circular deps new enhancement Sometime
#919 Don't require permission to uninstall a blocked package that's also subject to --purge new enhancement cave Long Term Extras Sometime
#920 Consider making uninstall-for-block a RequiredConfirmation (possibly better UI) new enhancement cave Long Term Extras Sometime
#930 cave verify should show its progress new enhancement cave Long Term Extras Sometime
#943 Avoid two lots of allocations for new ClassUsingPimp new enhancement Sometime
#944 Send QA messages via OutputManager new enhancement Sometime
#948 Queue aware x of y new enhancement cave Long Term Extras Sometime
#949 paludis --query versions line doesn't show keyword info correctly reopened defect Sometime
#951 ability to reinstall packages depending upon given spec new enhancement cave Long Term Extras Sometime
#955 list MYOPTIONS deps along with option deps new enhancement cave Long Term Extras Sometime
#956 auto-resolution of MYOPTIONS deps new enhancement cave Long Term Extras Sometime
#963 Uninstall packages in a chroot new defect cave Long Term Extras Sometime
#992 cave - add letter/number which could substitute '*/*' new enhancement Sometime
#1010 triggered exlibs new enhancement EAPI exheres-0 Sometime
#1015 cave resolve error for blockers could be improved new enhancement Sometime
#1018 build_options: reinstall_frequency for scm things new enhancement Sometime
#1034 figure out flushing new defect Sometime
#1038 reflink new enhancement Sometime
#1039 Should skip dependent scm builds if scm hasn't changed (in certain circumstances) new enhancement Sometime
#1052 profiles/options.conf validation new enhancement Sometime
#1055 export_exlib_phases bites new defect Sometime
#1057 Don't show masked unavailable candidates if other things exist new enhancement Sometime
#1060 REQUIRED_USE error stinks new defect Sometime
#1065 Split dep specs into presentation and data new enhancement Sometime
#1071 Write IUSE_ANNOTATED to VDB new enhancement Sometime
#1072 Restrict annotations to where they're allowed new enhancement Sometime
#1074 syntax for matching all pbins new enhancement pbin support Sometime
#1075 Propagate early, late backwards new enhancement Sometime
#1087 Improve disambiguation errors when package name exists but not with extra constraints new enhancement Sometime
#1110 unavailable: Add packages HOMEPAGE key new ciaranm defect Sometime
#1115 Make phase control options more powerful new enhancement Sometime
#1117 Can't resolve repositories on which installed repositories depend. new defect Sometime
#1125 cave fix-linkage doesn't find all broken libs and packages new defect Sometime
#1128 avoid loading unavailable where possible, and test new enhancement Sometime
#1136 Disallow duplicate annotation keys new defect Sometime
#1141 See if we can dump context on segfaults new enhancement Sometime
#1148 Do pool keys via members where possible new enhancement Sometime
#1150 Contained packages for Haskell new enhancement Sometime
#1151 We stat eclass/ too often new defect Sometime
#1173 cave resolve could inform about fetch restriction new defect Sometime
#1178 Automagic annotations for INHERITED new enhancement Sometime
#1179 cave import and cave resume don't work together new defect Sometime
#1186 Support the security set on exherbo new enhancement cave Useful Functionality Sometime
#1207 Add xz support to expatch new enhancement Sometime
#1210 FAQ: "Remove Portage from my Gentoo installation" not up to date new enhancement Sometime
#1213 warnings about missing build_options:expensive_tests when resolving pbins new defect Sometime
#1221 Add recaptchas to the account registration accepted aowi defect Sometime
#1227 Eek! Internal error at void paludis::resolver::NAG::verify_edges() const at Missing node for edge new defect Sometime
#1239 cave haxx-resume-file or cave resume --edit or something new enhancement Sometime
#1240 Make resolve show flags which couldn't be turned on due to conflicts as sort-of masked new enhancement Sometime
#1241 Figure out whether we can force rebuilds of things like xorg drivers by using post blockers new ebuild-defect Sometime
#1249 Better ways to mark directories as forbidden new enhancement Sometime
#1266 Block on package with valid OR RDEPEND new defect Sometime
#1267 cave suggests "--permit-old-version" on keyword masked versions, that are newer than the latest unmasked version new defect Sometime
#1278 Slot operator deps should only apply to build+run depstrings new enhancement Sometime
#1280 [paludis-1.4.0.ebuild] wrong path to install bash-completions assigned defect Sometime
#1281 fix-linkage does not follow dependency chain new defect Sometime
#1286 Need Changes confused by suboptions and :* option dependencies new defect Sometime
#1288 Flag 'abi_x86_32' is not included in IUSE_EFFECTIVE= new defect Sometime
#1289 Cannot install app-emulation/virt-manager with permission errors new defect Sometime
#1291 Nuke pkg_config() new ciaranm enhancement EAPI exheres-0 Sometime
#1308 Tests failures with python3.3 new defect Sometime
#1311 Support for same package with different USE in same bpin repository new enhancement pbin support Sometime
#1313 dodoc -r chokes on cyclic symlinks new defect Sometime
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