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#1221 Add recaptchas to the account registration accepted aowi defect Sometime
#22 XTerm Titles new ciaranm enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch
#43 Bundle handling needs to improve new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Misc features
#67 Indenting Warnings for readability? new ciaranm enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch
#123 GUI Client new ciaranm enhancement Sometime
#124 Remote Package Management new ciaranm enhancement ProjectIdeas
#125 Extended QA Checks new ciaranm enhancement ProjectIdeas
#126 Improved Search Client new ciaranm enhancement ProjectIdeas
#128 Gems Repository Support new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Gems Repository
#129 Safe Upgrading / Removal Support new ciaranm enhancement ProjectIdeas
#243 Allow passing non-strings to hooks new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Enhanced Hooks
#247 Speed up PortageRepository do_package_names new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Code cleanup
#284 Distribution-defined defaults should handle ROOT better new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Misc features
#321 DISTDIR should default to: /DISTDIR/INVALID/IN/THIS/EAPI/ new ciaranm defect Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#324 ROOT in src_* should be /ROOT/NOT/VALID/IN/THIS/PHASE new ciaranm enhancement Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#335 Improve Log to allow us to only look at messages from certain contexts or what not new ciaranm enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch Misc features
#336 Copied E repository parts new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Misc features
#406 read-only name caches new ciaranm support-request Sometime
#462 More obvious messages for mkdir failing due to ENOENT reopened ciaranm enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch
#529 erepo->recoverable_error new ciaranm enhancement Sometime
#542 .hook support for ebuild_* and elog hooks new ciaranm defect Sometime Enhanced Hooks
#546 add ALL_TARGETS hook env variable new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Misc features
#562 More extensive Context new ciaranm discussion IfSomeoneSendsAPatch Misc features
#674 support for "fallback" mirrors new ciaranm enhancement Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#1110 unavailable: Add packages HOMEPAGE key new ciaranm defect Sometime
#1291 Nuke pkg_config() new ciaranm enhancement Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#291 Package installing the same file twice causes problems new dleverton defect Sometime
#292 Add list of URIs to be downloaded to paludis assigned dleverton enhancement Sometime Misc features
#354 Find a better way to sanitise permissions after unpack new dleverton task Sometime
#489 reconcilio should have more test cases new dleverton defect Sometime
#490 reconcilio should consider RPATH/RUNPATH new dleverton defect Sometime
#491 reconcilio should symlink-expand SEARCH_DIRS_MASK new dleverton defect Sometime
#492 Investigate use in reconcilio new dleverton enhancement Sometime
#516 reconcilio always wants to build kdeaddons assigned dleverton defect Sometime
#807 reconcilio always wants to rebuild dev-lang/swi-prolog-5.6.64 new dleverton defect Sometime
#1380 What Are The Advantages of For Sale by Owner in Australia? new dleverton task IfSomeoneSendsAPatch pbin support
#1390 The Best Wrinkle Treatments May Alarm You new dleverton tracker Sometime cave Basic Functionality
#768 Cabal Repository support new ingmar enhancement ProjectIdeas
#319 CRAN Repository new kugelfang defect Sometime
#1392 Breast Implants: Do You Need Them? new kugelfang tracker IfSomeoneSendsAPatch Gems Repository
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#1401 Dalam review artikel ini Agen Slot Games akan memberikan tips untuk menang bermain slot All For One provider untuk itu terutamanya dahalu kira patut memahami permainan hal yang demikian dulu. All For One ialah gim slot video yang nampak klasik dengan gameplay terbuka dan kemenangan sangat besar, siap untuk diambil. Banyaknya pengganda yang tersedia dan jackpot progresif seharusnya cukup meyakinkan untuk menarik banyak pemain ambisius, yang mau menang besar. new kugelfang enhancement MajorRelease EAPI exheres-1
#350 Add more FetchVisitor tests new peper enhancement Sometime
#1227 Eek! Internal error at void paludis::resolver::NAG::verify_edges() const at Missing node for edge new defect Sometime
#1249 Better ways to mark directories as forbidden new enhancement Sometime
#1265 False positives in PALUDIS_MUST_NOT_CHANGE_VARIABLES checks with SLOT (ebuild) new ebuild-defect MinorRelease
#1266 Block on package with valid OR RDEPEND new defect Sometime
#1267 cave suggests "--permit-old-version" on keyword masked versions, that are newer than the latest unmasked version new defect Sometime
#1273 New ebuild may displace current ebuild, even if conditions is only for current ebuild new defect MajorRelease cave Basic Functionality
#1278 Slot operator deps should only apply to build+run depstrings new enhancement Sometime
#1281 fix-linkage does not follow dependency chain new defect Sometime
#1286 Need Changes confused by suboptions and :* option dependencies new defect Sometime
#1288 Flag 'abi_x86_32' is not included in IUSE_EFFECTIVE= new defect Sometime
#1289 Cannot install app-emulation/virt-manager with permission errors new defect Sometime
#1308 Tests failures with python3.3 new defect Sometime
#1311 Support for same package with different USE in same bpin repository new enhancement Sometime pbin support
#1313 dodoc -r chokes on cyclic symlinks new defect Sometime
#1314 'cave resolve' checks other slots of an ~arch masked dependency even if a slot was defined in the dependcency atom new defect Sometime
#1316 Cannot 'cave resolve dev-db/mysql' because of transient blocking circle reference between virtual/mysql and dev-db/mysql new enhancement Sometime
#1321 paludis/cave needs write access to /var/log/sandbox new defect Sometime
#1328 Add a delayed checks phase new enhancement Sometime
#1329 Associative array and loadsaveenv new defect Sometime
#1330 No suitable candidates found, when there should be (Gentoo) new defect MinorRelease
#1331 Previously installed packages are being pulled into merge unnecessarily new defect Sometime
#1333 Description of "Global Options" for cave command lacks facts or links. new defect Sometime
#1336 locked_pipe_command: No such file or directory new defect MinorRelease cave Basic Functionality
#1337 'cave resolve' sometimes returns exit code 0 when it shouldn't new defect Sometime
#1339 tytul1 new defect Sometime
#1340 tytul1 new defect Sometime
#1341 pbins don't preserve directory ownership new defect Sometime pbin support
#1345 cave fix-linkage terminates with std::ios_base::failurestd::ios_base::failure new defect Sometime
#1346 `install` and `strip` in cave ebuild environment strip extended attributes new defect Sometime
#1347 Portage environment: support repos.conf new defect Sometime
#1348 Please expose slot values in the new fancy slot requirements in the Python API new enhancement Sometime
#1349 Unstubbify eapply_user new enhancement Sometime
#1350 force disable "git auto gc" new enhancement Sometime
#1351 /etc/paludis/hooks ignored if symlink to directory new defect Sometime
#1352 Support ebuild news format 2.0 new defect Sometime
#1353 Python hooks failing after gcc upgrade to 5.4 new defect Sometime
#1354 cave fix-linkage core dump on "empty" .a files new defect Sometime
#1356 WHIRLPOOL tests fail on arm7 new defect MinorRelease
#1357 WHIRLPOOL check failed on x86 build new defect MinorRelease
#1359 Python API documentation on website is kinda broken new defect Sometime
#1360 Gentoo news : Unsupported News-Item-Format '2.0' new defect Sometime
#1361 abort of cave fix-linkage new defect Sometime cave Basic Functionality
#1362 ImportError: dynamic module does not define init function (initpaludis) on Gentoo new defect Sometime
#1363 Executable stripping broken with file-5.33+ new defect Sometime
#1364 Allow dogit* syncers to work with detached GITDIR new enhancement Sometime
#1365 Add rsync fetcher new enhancement Sometime
#1366 Do not force ordering of weak blockers (in gentoo) new defect Sometime
#1367 Handling of dependencies across slash, chroot and binaries new defect Sometime
#1368 Support BLAKE2B hash in Manifests new defect Sometime
#1369 sys-apps/paludis-scm build failure w/ `python` option new defect Sometime
#1370 Dominos Online Has Some Powerful Mathematics Strategy To Win new tracker Sometime Enhanced Hooks
#1371 US STOCKS-Wall Street ends higher, helped by tech rally new task MajorRelease Code cleanup
#1372 Betfair Exchange Blackjack - An Overview new task IfSomeoneSendsAPatch cave Long Term Extras
#1373 Existence Without the need of Life Coverage Is Really A Dangerous Wager new discussion IfSomeoneSendsAPatch pbin support
#1374 Maserati Car Show & Vehicle History new discussion Sometime cave Useful Functionality
#1375 Fast loss Of Weight Expert Reveals 3 tips For Losing Fat new enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch pbin support
#1376 Foreclosure Home Cleaning Business - Important Facts You Should Learn About This Business new tracker IfSomeoneSendsAPatch Code cleanup
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