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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1330 No suitable candidates found, when there should be (Gentoo) new defect MinorRelease
#1371 US STOCKS-Wall Street ends higher, helped by tech rally new task MajorRelease Code cleanup
#846 'man cave' insufficiently clear for users who can't read new enhancement Sometime cave Basic Functionality
#866 cave display-resolution should follow reasons new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#930 cave verify should show its progress new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#943 Avoid two lots of allocations for new ClassUsingPimp new enhancement Sometime
#944 Send QA messages via OutputManager new enhancement Sometime
#948 Queue aware x of y new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#1018 build_options: reinstall_frequency for scm things new enhancement Sometime
#1034 figure out flushing new defect Sometime
#1038 reflink new enhancement Sometime
#1057 Don't show masked unavailable candidates if other things exist new enhancement Sometime
#1065 Split dep specs into presentation and data new enhancement Sometime
#1075 Propagate early, late backwards new enhancement Sometime
#1115 Make phase control options more powerful new enhancement Sometime
#1117 Can't resolve repositories on which installed repositories depend. new defect Sometime
#1125 cave fix-linkage doesn't find all broken libs and packages new defect Sometime
#1128 avoid loading unavailable where possible, and test new enhancement Sometime
#1136 Disallow duplicate annotation keys new defect Sometime
#1141 See if we can dump context on segfaults new enhancement Sometime
#1148 Do pool keys via members where possible new enhancement Sometime
#1150 Contained packages for Haskell new enhancement Sometime
#1151 We stat eclass/ too often new defect Sometime
#1173 cave resolve could inform about fetch restriction new defect Sometime
#1178 Automagic annotations for INHERITED new enhancement Sometime
#1179 cave import and cave resume don't work together new defect Sometime
#1213 warnings about missing build_options:expensive_tests when resolving pbins new defect Sometime
#1221 Add recaptchas to the account registration accepted aowi defect Sometime
#1227 Eek! Internal error at void paludis::resolver::NAG::verify_edges() const at Missing node for edge new defect Sometime
#1239 cave haxx-resume-file or cave resume --edit or something new enhancement Sometime
#1240 Make resolve show flags which couldn't be turned on due to conflicts as sort-of masked new enhancement Sometime
#1241 Figure out whether we can force rebuilds of things like xorg drivers by using post blockers new ebuild-defect Sometime
#1267 cave suggests "--permit-old-version" on keyword masked versions, that are newer than the latest unmasked version new defect Sometime
#1280 [paludis-1.4.0.ebuild] wrong path to install bash-completions assigned defect Sometime
#1288 Flag 'abi_x86_32' is not included in IUSE_EFFECTIVE= new defect Sometime
#1289 Cannot install app-emulation/virt-manager with permission errors new defect Sometime
#1311 Support for same package with different USE in same bpin repository new enhancement Sometime pbin support
#1321 paludis/cave needs write access to /var/log/sandbox new defect Sometime
#1329 Associative array and loadsaveenv new defect Sometime
#1333 Description of "Global Options" for cave command lacks facts or links. new defect Sometime
#1337 'cave resolve' sometimes returns exit code 0 when it shouldn't new defect Sometime
#1339 tytul1 new defect Sometime
#1340 tytul1 new defect Sometime
#1345 cave fix-linkage terminates with std::ios_base::failurestd::ios_base::failure new defect Sometime
#1346 `install` and `strip` in cave ebuild environment strip extended attributes new defect Sometime
#1348 Please expose slot values in the new fancy slot requirements in the Python API new enhancement Sometime
#1349 Unstubbify eapply_user new enhancement Sometime
#1350 force disable "git auto gc" new enhancement Sometime
#1351 /etc/paludis/hooks ignored if symlink to directory new defect Sometime
#1352 Support ebuild news format 2.0 new defect Sometime
#1353 Python hooks failing after gcc upgrade to 5.4 new defect Sometime
#1354 cave fix-linkage core dump on "empty" .a files new defect Sometime
#1359 Python API documentation on website is kinda broken new defect Sometime
#1360 Gentoo news : Unsupported News-Item-Format '2.0' new defect Sometime
#1363 Executable stripping broken with file-5.33+ new defect Sometime
#1364 Allow dogit* syncers to work with detached GITDIR new enhancement Sometime
#1365 Add rsync fetcher new enhancement Sometime
#1366 Do not force ordering of weak blockers (in gentoo) new defect Sometime
#1367 Handling of dependencies across slash, chroot and binaries new defect Sometime
#1368 Support BLAKE2B hash in Manifests new defect Sometime
#1370 Dominos Online Has Some Powerful Mathematics Strategy To Win new tracker Sometime Enhanced Hooks
#1374 Maserati Car Show & Vehicle History new discussion Sometime cave Useful Functionality
#1372 Betfair Exchange Blackjack - An Overview new task IfSomeoneSendsAPatch cave Long Term Extras
#1373 Existence Without the need of Life Coverage Is Really A Dangerous Wager new discussion IfSomeoneSendsAPatch pbin support
#1375 Fast loss Of Weight Expert Reveals 3 tips For Losing Fat new enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch pbin support
#1376 Foreclosure Home Cleaning Business - Important Facts You Should Learn About This Business new tracker IfSomeoneSendsAPatch Code cleanup
#1377 What Are The Advantages of For Sale by Owner in Australia? new discussion IfSomeoneSendsAPatch EAPI exheres-1
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