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#1157 cave fix-linkage --library doesn't work with absolute paths new defect MinorRelease
#1265 False positives in PALUDIS_MUST_NOT_CHANGE_VARIABLES checks with SLOT (ebuild) new ebuild-defect MinorRelease
#1336 locked_pipe_command: No such file or directory new defect MinorRelease cave Basic Functionality
#1356 WHIRLPOOL tests fail on arm7 new defect MinorRelease
#1357 WHIRLPOOL check failed on x86 build new defect MinorRelease
#1273 New ebuild may displace current ebuild, even if conditions is only for current ebuild new defect MajorRelease cave Basic Functionality
#43 Bundle handling needs to improve new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Misc features
#76 paludis --list-packages / cave print-packages actions are too slow assigned defect Sometime
#123 GUI Client new ciaranm enhancement Sometime
#215 Add --list-hooks assigned enhancement Sometime
#247 Speed up PortageRepository do_package_names new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Code cleanup
#292 Add list of URIs to be downloaded to paludis assigned dleverton enhancement Sometime Misc features
#454 have --list-repository-formats show help, like --list-syncers assigned enhancement Sometime
#583 Examples for python bindings new enhancement Sometime
#788 AccountsRepository: Possibility to update accounts new defect Sometime
#807 reconcilio always wants to rebuild dev-lang/swi-prolog-5.6.64 new dleverton defect Sometime
#877 Feature request: temporary disable use-flags to resolve circular deps new enhancement Sometime
#919 Don't require permission to uninstall a blocked package that's also subject to --purge new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#920 Consider making uninstall-for-block a RequiredConfirmation (possibly better UI) new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#949 paludis --query versions line doesn't show keyword info correctly reopened defect Sometime
#951 ability to reinstall packages depending upon given spec new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#992 cave - add letter/number which could substitute '*/*' new enhancement Sometime
#1015 cave resolve error for blockers could be improved new enhancement Sometime
#1060 REQUIRED_USE error stinks new defect Sometime
#1071 Write IUSE_ANNOTATED to VDB new enhancement Sometime
#1087 Improve disambiguation errors when package name exists but not with extra constraints new enhancement Sometime
#1210 FAQ: "Remove Portage from my Gentoo installation" not up to date new enhancement Sometime
#1266 Block on package with valid OR RDEPEND new defect Sometime
#1281 fix-linkage does not follow dependency chain new defect Sometime
#1308 Tests failures with python3.3 new defect Sometime
#1313 dodoc -r chokes on cyclic symlinks new defect Sometime
#1314 'cave resolve' checks other slots of an ~arch masked dependency even if a slot was defined in the dependcency atom new defect Sometime
#1316 Cannot 'cave resolve dev-db/mysql' because of transient blocking circle reference between virtual/mysql and dev-db/mysql new enhancement Sometime
#1331 Previously installed packages are being pulled into merge unnecessarily new defect Sometime
#1341 pbins don't preserve directory ownership new defect Sometime pbin support
#1347 Portage environment: support repos.conf new defect Sometime
#1361 abort of cave fix-linkage new defect Sometime cave Basic Functionality
#1362 ImportError: dynamic module does not define init function (initpaludis) on Gentoo new defect Sometime
#736 gnu_info_index.bash: Strip unneeded lines and add a newline new enhancement ProjectIdeas
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