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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#648 SLOT="" should be fatal new defect Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#660 Add option --dry-run for uninstallation process new enhancement Sometime
#674 support for "fallback" mirrors new ciaranm enhancement Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#732 Stop using lots of small files for exndbam new enhancement Sometime
#799 importare not respecting change in CTARGET or CHOST when stripping symbols new defect Sometime
#955 list MYOPTIONS deps along with option deps new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#956 auto-resolution of MYOPTIONS deps new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#963 Uninstall packages in a chroot new defect Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#1010 triggered exlibs new enhancement Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#1039 Should skip dependent scm builds if scm hasn't changed (in certain circumstances) new enhancement Sometime
#1052 profiles/options.conf validation new enhancement Sometime
#1055 export_exlib_phases bites new defect Sometime
#1072 Restrict annotations to where they're allowed new enhancement Sometime
#1074 syntax for matching all pbins new enhancement Sometime pbin support
#1110 unavailable: Add packages HOMEPAGE key new ciaranm defect Sometime
#1186 Support the security set on exherbo new enhancement Sometime cave Useful Functionality
#1207 Add xz support to expatch new enhancement Sometime
#1249 Better ways to mark directories as forbidden new enhancement Sometime
#1278 Slot operator deps should only apply to build+run depstrings new enhancement Sometime
#1286 Need Changes confused by suboptions and :* option dependencies new defect Sometime
#1291 Nuke pkg_config() new ciaranm enhancement Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#1328 Add a delayed checks phase new enhancement Sometime
#1369 sys-apps/paludis-scm build failure w/ `python` option new defect Sometime
#659 report when the same $PNV is installed in more than one slot assigned enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch
#1040 git sync fetches all branches, which is usually or always unnecessary new enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch
#768 Cabal Repository support new ingmar enhancement ProjectIdeas
#1185 QA client new defect ProjectIdeas
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