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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1356 WHIRLPOOL tests fail on arm7 new defect MinorRelease
#123 GUI Client new ciaranm enhancement Sometime
#128 Gems Repository Support new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Gems Repository
#243 Allow passing non-strings to hooks new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Enhanced Hooks
#247 Speed up PortageRepository do_package_names new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Code cleanup
#284 Distribution-defined defaults should handle ROOT better new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Misc features
#291 Package installing the same file twice causes problems new dleverton defect Sometime
#321 DISTDIR should default to: /DISTDIR/INVALID/IN/THIS/EAPI/ new ciaranm defect Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#324 ROOT in src_* should be /ROOT/NOT/VALID/IN/THIS/PHASE new ciaranm enhancement Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#546 add ALL_TARGETS hook env variable new ciaranm enhancement Sometime Misc features
#1034 figure out flushing new defect Sometime
#1038 reflink new enhancement Sometime
#1065 Split dep specs into presentation and data new enhancement Sometime
#1087 Improve disambiguation errors when package name exists but not with extra constraints new enhancement Sometime
#1128 avoid loading unavailable where possible, and test new enhancement Sometime
#1141 See if we can dump context on segfaults new enhancement Sometime
#1329 Associative array and loadsaveenv new defect Sometime
#1363 Executable stripping broken with file-5.33+ new defect Sometime
#335 Improve Log to allow us to only look at messages from certain contexts or what not new ciaranm enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch Misc features
#124 Remote Package Management new ciaranm enhancement ProjectIdeas
#125 Extended QA Checks new ciaranm enhancement ProjectIdeas
#126 Improved Search Client new ciaranm enhancement ProjectIdeas
#129 Safe Upgrading / Removal Support new ciaranm enhancement ProjectIdeas
#363 easy_install Repository support new enhancement ProjectIdeas Misc features
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