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#1157 cave fix-linkage --library doesn't work with absolute paths new defect MinorRelease
#1265 False positives in PALUDIS_MUST_NOT_CHANGE_VARIABLES checks with SLOT (ebuild) new ebuild-defect MinorRelease
#1330 No suitable candidates found, when there should be (Gentoo) new defect MinorRelease
#1336 locked_pipe_command: No such file or directory new defect MinorRelease cave Basic Functionality
#1357 WHIRLPOOL check failed on x86 build new defect MinorRelease
#1273 New ebuild may displace current ebuild, even if conditions is only for current ebuild new defect MajorRelease cave Basic Functionality
#846 'man cave' insufficiently clear for users who can't read new enhancement Sometime cave Basic Functionality
#866 cave display-resolution should follow reasons new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#919 Don't require permission to uninstall a blocked package that's also subject to --purge new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#920 Consider making uninstall-for-block a RequiredConfirmation (possibly better UI) new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#930 cave verify should show its progress new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#948 Queue aware x of y new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#951 ability to reinstall packages depending upon given spec new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#955 list MYOPTIONS deps along with option deps new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#956 auto-resolution of MYOPTIONS deps new enhancement Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#963 Uninstall packages in a chroot new defect Sometime cave Long Term Extras
#992 cave - add letter/number which could substitute '*/*' new enhancement Sometime
#1015 cave resolve error for blockers could be improved new enhancement Sometime
#1039 Should skip dependent scm builds if scm hasn't changed (in certain circumstances) new enhancement Sometime
#1055 export_exlib_phases bites new defect Sometime
#1057 Don't show masked unavailable candidates if other things exist new enhancement Sometime
#1074 syntax for matching all pbins new enhancement Sometime pbin support
#1110 unavailable: Add packages HOMEPAGE key new ciaranm defect Sometime
#1115 Make phase control options more powerful new enhancement Sometime
#1117 Can't resolve repositories on which installed repositories depend. new defect Sometime
#1125 cave fix-linkage doesn't find all broken libs and packages new defect Sometime
#1150 Contained packages for Haskell new enhancement Sometime
#1173 cave resolve could inform about fetch restriction new defect Sometime
#1178 Automagic annotations for INHERITED new enhancement Sometime
#1179 cave import and cave resume don't work together new defect Sometime
#1186 Support the security set on exherbo new enhancement Sometime cave Useful Functionality
#1213 warnings about missing build_options:expensive_tests when resolving pbins new defect Sometime
#1227 Eek! Internal error at void paludis::resolver::NAG::verify_edges() const at Missing node for edge new defect Sometime
#1239 cave haxx-resume-file or cave resume --edit or something new enhancement Sometime
#1240 Make resolve show flags which couldn't be turned on due to conflicts as sort-of masked new enhancement Sometime
#1266 Block on package with valid OR RDEPEND new defect Sometime
#1267 cave suggests "--permit-old-version" on keyword masked versions, that are newer than the latest unmasked version new defect Sometime
#1281 fix-linkage does not follow dependency chain new defect Sometime
#1288 Flag 'abi_x86_32' is not included in IUSE_EFFECTIVE= new defect Sometime
#1289 Cannot install app-emulation/virt-manager with permission errors new defect Sometime
#1311 Support for same package with different USE in same bpin repository new enhancement Sometime pbin support
#1313 dodoc -r chokes on cyclic symlinks new defect Sometime
#1314 'cave resolve' checks other slots of an ~arch masked dependency even if a slot was defined in the dependcency atom new defect Sometime
#1316 Cannot 'cave resolve dev-db/mysql' because of transient blocking circle reference between virtual/mysql and dev-db/mysql new enhancement Sometime
#1321 paludis/cave needs write access to /var/log/sandbox new defect Sometime
#1331 Previously installed packages are being pulled into merge unnecessarily new defect Sometime
#1333 Description of "Global Options" for cave command lacks facts or links. new defect Sometime
#1337 'cave resolve' sometimes returns exit code 0 when it shouldn't new defect Sometime
#1339 tytul1 new defect Sometime
#1340 tytul1 new defect Sometime
#1341 pbins don't preserve directory ownership new defect Sometime pbin support
#1345 cave fix-linkage terminates with std::ios_base::failurestd::ios_base::failure new defect Sometime
#1346 `install` and `strip` in cave ebuild environment strip extended attributes new defect Sometime
#1350 force disable "git auto gc" new enhancement Sometime
#1354 cave fix-linkage core dump on "empty" .a files new defect Sometime
#1360 Gentoo news : Unsupported News-Item-Format '2.0' new defect Sometime
#1361 abort of cave fix-linkage new defect Sometime cave Basic Functionality
#1364 Allow dogit* syncers to work with detached GITDIR new enhancement Sometime
#1365 Add rsync fetcher new enhancement Sometime
#1369 sys-apps/paludis-scm build failure w/ `python` option new defect Sometime
#1040 git sync fetches all branches, which is usually or always unnecessary new enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch
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