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This document applies only to clients using PaludisEnvironment. Any standard client that supports a --environment command line option uses PaludisEnvironment unless overridden, either by explicitly selecting another environment (e.g. --environment portage) or, on distributions also supporting Portage, by lack of a Paludis configuration and presence of a Portage configuration.

The suggestions.conf file allows suggested dependencies to be automatically taken or ignored. It is a standard configuration file which may be a bash file (suggestions.bash) and which may use the suggestions.conf.d/ directory. Note that suggestions are not generally used on Gentoo.

Each line in the file consists of a specification followed by one or more tokens. A specification may be any of:

Lines are considered only if the package containing the suggested dependency matches the specification.

A token may be one of the following:


# We are always interested in some suggestions from kdevelop:
dev-util/kdevelop dev-util/subversion kde-base/konsole

# We never want some other suggestions from kdevelop:
dev-util/kdevelop -dev-util/cvs

# We don't want any suggestions on kmail from anything:
*/* -kde-base/kmail

# Otherwise, we're interested in all kde-base suggestions:
kde-base/* */*

# We want the send-email suggestions from git:
dev-scm/git send-email