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Package and Set Dependency Specifications

Dependency specifications can look like:

In some places, either or both of cat and pkg may be *, which matches any category or package. This is not permitted where it would not make sense. To match any package in any category, use */*.


The cat/pkg and =cat/pkg-1.23 forms may be followed by zero or more optional suffixes, in the following order:

Repository requirements are in the form to, from-> or ::from->to. The from may only be a repository name, and matches packages originally from that repository (so */*::myrepo-> finds installed packages that originated in myrepo. Valid forms for to are as follows:


The following operators are recognised:

Exactly equal to.
Less than or equal to.
Strictly less than.
Greater than or equal to.
Strictly greater than.
Equal to, ignoring the package revision. If a package revision is specified, in addition the package must be of greater than or equal to this revision.
Starting with this version, componentwise. The asterisk comes after the version part (=cat/pkg-1.2* or cat/pkg[=1.2*]).
Greater than or equal to the version, and strictly less than the version with its one-before-least-significant digit part incremented, and its least significant digit part discarded. For example, ~>1.2.3 means >=1.2.3 and <1.3.