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repositories/ Configuration

In General

Each file in repositories/ named *.conf defines a repository. A repository configuration file is a standard key=value config file, and it may be in bash format (in which case it has a .bash extension rather than .conf). The repository_defaults.conf file (which does not live in the repositories subdirectory), if it exists, is treated as if it were prepended to each individual file. It is evaluated once per repository config, allowing predefined variables like ${repo_file} to be used inside it.

The filenames used for repository configuration files have no effect upon the names of the repositories. Whilst you could use the name giant-space-monkey.conf for the repository named gentoo, for user sanity reasons it is best to use the repository name as the filename.

Predefined Keys

The following variables are predefined. They should not be modified, but may be used in configuration files to define other keys.

The filesystem root. Relevant if specpath.conf is in use. Using this variable can create a configuration system that works both inside and outside of a chroot (e.g. location = ${root}/var/db/paludis/repositories/paludis-overlay).
The filename of the repository config file.
The basename (filename without path) of the repository config file.
The basename without file extension of the repository config file.

General Keys

The following keys are meaningful for all repository formats.

Determines which repository class Paludis uses to create the repository. Example formats are e, vdb and installed_unpackaged. Mandatory.
Must be an integer. Used by Paludis to determine from which repository a package should be selected, all other things being equal (a higher importance is preferred over a lower importance). By default, 0, except if the master_repository key is set, in which case it is 10 instead.

For format-specific keys, see the documentation for that format.

Repository Formats

For All Distributions

Gentoo and Derived Distributions