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keywords.conf / platforms.conf


The keywords.conf (Gentoo and derived distributions) or platforms.conf (Exherbo) file controls which keywords are and are not accepted. It is a standard configuration file which may be a bash file (keywords.bash or platforms.bash) and which may use the keywords.conf.d/ or platforms.conf.d/ directory.

Each line in the file consists of a specification followed by one or more accepted keywords or platforms. A specification may be any of:

Any token may be quoted using either single or double quotes.

Accepted keywords or platforms are one of:

Accepted keywords or platforms are usually cumulative, so if you have a */* arch ~arch line, you will need to use cat/pkg -* arch if you only wish to accept arch for a particular package.


For a system which is mostly stable:

# By default, only accept 'x86' packages
*/*                            x86

# For the repository named 'paludis-overlay', accept unstable too
*/*::paludis-overlay           x86 ~x86

# For these packages, accept unstable too
app-admin/eselect              ~x86
app-doc/doxygen                ~x86

# For packages in the 'kde' set, accept unstable
kde                            ~x86

# Accept gcc 4.3 from the toolchain overlay, even if it is unkeyworded
sys-devel/gcc:4.3::toolchain   *

For a system which is mostly unstable:

# By default, accept stable and unstable
*/*                             amd64 ~amd64

# For these packages, accept stable only
sys-devel/gcc                   -* amd64
sys-libs/glibc                  -* amd64