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This document applies only to clients using PaludisEnvironment. Any standard client that supports a --environment command line option uses PaludisEnvironment unless overridden, either by explicitly selecting another environment (e.g. --environment portage) or, on distributions also supporting Portage, by lack of a Paludis configuration and presence of a Portage configuration.

The general.conf file can be used to control general settings. It is a standard key=value configuration file, and may optionally be in bash format.

The location of the world file.
If set, Paludis will use this username rather than paludisbuild when a reduced privilege user is required.
If set, overrides the distribution used when distribution-specific defaults are used.

The following keys are predefined. They should not be modified.

The filesystem root. Relevant if specpath.conf is in use. Using this variable can create a configuration system that works both inside and outside of a chroot (e.g. world = ${root}/var/db/pkg/world).