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Configuration File Formats

In General

Configuration files for Paludis are plain text files. Blank lines are ignored, as are lines that start with a hash (#) character. Leading and trailing whitespace is not generally significant. Lines ending in a single backslash are continuations.

Key=Value Files

Some configuration files use a key=value format. Keys are typically case sensitive. Variable expansion of previously set variables is supported via $var or ${var}, and environment variables may be obtained using ${ENV{NAME}}. Quoting with single or double quotes is usually supported but not usually required.

Bash Files

Where explicitly noted, if a configuration file with a .conf extension does not exist, but a like-named executable file with a .bash extension does exist, Paludis will execute the bash file and treat its standard output as if it were the contents of the .conf file.

conf.d Directories

Where explicitly noted, for configuration files named foo.conf, Paludis will also look in the directory foo.conf.d/ for any additional files named *.conf (and, if bash is supported for that file, *.bash as above).