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cave show


cave-show — Display a summary of a given object.


cave show spec …


Displays a formatted summary of a given object. If the object is a set, the set’s contents are listed. If the object is a repository name, information about the repository is displayed. If the object is a package dep spec with wildcards, possible expansions are shown. If the object is a package dep spec without wildcards, information about matching IDs are shown.


Global Options

Global options, used by every subcommand.

-h , --help
display help message

Object Options

Alter how objects are interpreted.

-t , --type

Specify the type of the specified objects.

auto (a)
Automatically determine the type (default)
repository (r)
Treat the objects as repository names
set (s)
Treat the objects as set names
wildcard (w)
Treat the objects as a wildcarded package spec
package (p)
Treat the objects as an unwildcarded package spec, showing all matches for wildcards

Key Options

Control which keys are shown.

-n , --no-keys (+n , --no-no-keys)
Do not show any metadata keys
-c , --complex-keys (+c , --no-complex-keys)
Show complex keys (e.g. dependencies, downloads)
-i , --internal-keys (+i , --no-internal-keys)
Show keys marked as 'internal-only'
-s , --significant-keys-only (+s , --no-significant-keys-only)
Show only keys marked as 'significant'
-k , --key
Show keys with the given name, regardless of other options. May be specified multiple times.
-d , --description-keys (+d , --no-description-keys)
Show description keys, regardless of other options.

Display Options

Controls the output format.

-f , --flat (+f , --no-flat)
Do not spread key values over multiple lines
-r , --raw-names (+r , --no-raw-names)
Display raw rather than human readable key names

Version Options

Controls for which versions detailed information is shown when displaying packages. By default all installed versions and the best installable version are shown.

-1 , --one-version (+1 , --no-one-version)
Display only a single version of any package.
-a , --all-versions (+a , --no-all-versions)
Display all versions of packages.
-0 , --no-versions (+0 , --no-no-versions)
Don’t display any version-specific information
-R , --repository-at-a-time (+R , --no-repository-at-a-time)
Group versions by repository, and then show details for each individual repository