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cave print-id-contents


cave-print-id-contents — Prints the contents of a package ID.


cave print-id-contents spec


Prints a list of the contents of a given ID. No formatting is used, making the output suitable for parsing by scripts.


Global Options

Global options, used by every subcommand.

-h , --help
display help message

Spec Options

Alter how the supplied spec is used.

-a , --all (+a , --no-all)
If the spec matches multiple IDs, display all matches.
-b , --best (+b , --no-best)
If the spec matches multiple IDs, select the best ID rather than giving an error.

Filter Options

Alter which contents entries are displayed.

-t , --type

Display only entries of the specified type

all (a)
Show all entries (default)
file (f)
Show only file entries
dir (d)
Show only directory entries
sym (s)
Show only symlink entries
other (o)
Show only other entries

Display Options

Controls the output format.

Select the output format. Special tokens recognised are %n for filename, %d for dirname, %b for basename, %t for symlink targets (blank for non-symlinks), %a for ' → ' if we’re a symlink and '' otherwise, %/ for '/' if we’re a directory and '' otherwise, %i for one space for every parent directory, \n for newline, \t for tab. Default is '%n%a%t\n'.