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cave perform


cave-perform — Perform an action upon a package.


cave perform config spec

cave perform fetch | pretend-fetch [ --exclude-unmirrorable ] [ --fetch-unneeded ] [ --ignore-unfetched ] spec

cave perform info spec

cave perform install --destination repo [ --replacing spec … ] spec

cave perform pretend --destination repo [ --replacing spec … ] spec

cave perform pretend-fetch spec

cave perform uninstall [ --config-protect values ] spec


Perform an action upon a package. Not suitable for direct use, although it may be useful in some more complex scripts.


Global Options

Global options, used by every subcommand.

-h , --help
display help message

General Options

General options for all actions

--if-supported (--no-if-supported)
If the action is not supported, exit silently with success rather than erroring.
--hooks (--no-hooks)
Also execute the appropriate hooks for the action.
Specify the value of the X_OF_Y variable that is passed to hooks.
Do not change terminal titles
Specify that our output is being managed by another process. Used by 'cave execute-resolution'; not for end user use.

Specify the exclusivity of our output. Should not be changed unless --managed-output is also specified

Exclusive output (default)
With others

Fetch Action Options

Options for if the action is 'fetch' or 'pretend-fetch'

--exclude-unmirrorable (--no-exclude-unmirrorable)
Do not include unmirrorable components
--fetch-unneeded (--no-fetch-unneeded)
Also fetch components that aren’t needed (e.g. because they are conditional upon disabled options
--ignore-unfetched (--no-ignore-unfetched)
Do not fetch any component that has not already been downloaded (but do verify components that have already been downloaded
--ignore-manual-fetch-errors (--no-ignore-manual-fetch-errors)
Ignore any errors that say that manual fetching is required for a component
--regulars-only (--no-regulars-only)
Only fetch regular components. If this option is not specified, the job cannot safely be backgrounded or run in parallel with installs

Install Action Options

Options for if the action is 'install' or (for --destination and --replacing) 'pretend'

The name of the repository to which the install should take place
A spec that uniquely identifies an ID to be replaced as part of the install. May be specified multiple times.
Skip the named phases
Abort when a named phase is encounted
Skip every phase until a named phase is encounted

Uninstall Action Options

Options for if the action is 'uninstall'

Specify additional items to include in the config protection list


Import Options

Options controlling additional imported packages. These options should not be specified manually; they are for use by 'cave import'.

Specifies the parameters used to construct an unpackaged repository, for use by 'cave import'.