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cave graph-jobs


cave-graph-jobs — Creates a Graphviz graph for jobs in a resolution created using 'cave resolve'.


Creates a Graphviz graph for jobs in a resolution created using 'cave resolve'. Mostly for internal use; most users will not use this command directly.


Global Options

Global options, used by every subcommand.

-h , --help
display help message


Graph Jobs Options

Options relating to creating graphs for jobs. If --graph-jobs-basename is specified, a Graphviz graph will be created for the jobs in the resolution.

Specify the basename (filename without extension) to be used when creating job graphs. If unspecified, no jobs graph will be created.
Specifies the desired output format for the Graphviz graph. The argument must be a valid value for the '-T' option for Graphviz. Also determines the file extension of the generated graph. If unspecified, only a raw graph file will be created, and it will not be processed using Graphviz.

Graph Jobs Format Options

Options relating to the format of created graphs.

--graph-jobs-all-arrows (--no-graph-jobs-all-arrows)
Show all arrows. By default dependencies required only for if-independent are not shown, since for non-trivial resolutions Graphviz will otherwise require obscene amounts of memory.
--graph-jobs-full-names (--no-graph-jobs-full-names)
Show full names for graph jobs.


Import Options

Options controlling additional imported packages. These options should not be specified manually; they are for use by 'cave import'.

Specifies the parameters used to construct an unpackaged repository, for use by 'cave import'.


Program Options

Options controlling which programs are used to carry out various tasks. Any replacement to the standard program must provide exactly the same interface. In all cases, $CAVE can be used to get the path of the main 'cave' executable. Note that unless an option is explicitly specified, an internal implementation of the default command might be used instead of spawning a new process.

The program used to display the resolution. Defaults to '$CAVE display-resolution'.
The program used to graph jobs. Defaults to '$CAVE graph-jobs'.
The program used to execute the resolution. Defaults to '$CAVE execute-resolution'.
The program used to perform actions. Defaults to '$CAVE perform'.
The program used to perform world updates. Defaults to '$CAVE update-world'.
The program used to create Graphviz graphs. Defaults to 'dot'.


The file descriptor on which the serialised resolution can be found.