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cave find-candidates


cave-find-candidates — Find a list of candidate packages for a search.


Finds a list of candidate packages for a search. Used by 'cave search'; not generally called directly by end users. Note that this command will often select candidates that do not actually match some of the supplied restrictions; use 'cave match' to obtain accurate results.


Global Options

Global options, used by every subcommand.

-h , --help
display help message


Hints allow, but do not require, the search to return a reduced set of results

Candidates whose name or description does not include the specified string as a substring may be omitted


Candidate Options

Control which packages and versions are selected as candidates for matching.

-a , --all-versions (+a , --no-all-versions)
Search in every version of packages
-v , --visible (+v , --no-visible)
Search only in visible (not masked) versions of packages
-m , --matching
Search only in packages matching the supplied specification


Pattern Options

Alter how patterns are matched.

-t , --type

Specify which matching algorithm to use

text (t)
Match an exact text substring, ignoring case (default)
exact (x)
Match only an entire exact string, ignoring case
regex (r)
Match using pcre regular expressions, ignoring case
-C , --case-sensitive (+C , --no-case-sensitive)
Make matching case sensitive.
-& , --and (+& , --no-and)
If multiple patterns are specified, require that all patterns match. Default is to succeed if any pattern matches.
-! , --not (+! , --no-not)
Invert the results of pattern matches.

Search Key Options

Alter the keys used for searching. If no option in this group is specified, matches are carried out on name and description. Otherwise, matches are carried out on all of the specified keys.

-k , --key
Search the named metadata key (e.g. DESCRIPTION). May be specified multiple times.
-n , --name (+n , --no-name)
Search package names.
-d , --description (+d , --no-description)
Search package descriptions.

Key Handling Options

Alter how key values are interpreted.

-e , --enabled-only (+e , --no-enabled-only)
Only search enabled parts of conditional dependency spec trees


Index Options

Controls the use of an index. An index may be created using cave manage-search-index. Note that strange errors or partial results may occur if the index is not up to date.

Use the specified index file