paludis  Version 2.6.0
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paludis::TarMergerParams Struct Reference

#include <tar_merger.hh>

Public Attributes

NamedValue< n::compression, TarMergerCompressioncompression
NamedValue< n::environment, Environment * > environment
NamedValue< n::fix_mtimes_before, Timestampfix_mtimes_before
NamedValue< n::get_new_ids_or_minus_one, std::function< std::pair< uid_t, gid_t >const FSPath &)> > get_new_ids_or_minus_one
NamedValue< n::image, FSPathimage
NamedValue< n::install_under, FSPathinstall_under
NamedValue< n::maybe_output_manager, std::shared_ptr< OutputManager > > maybe_output_manager
NamedValue< n::merged_entries, std::shared_ptr< FSPathSet > > merged_entries
NamedValue< n::no_chown, bool > no_chown
NamedValue< n::options, MergerOptionsoptions
NamedValue< n::permit_destination, PermitDestinationFnpermit_destination
NamedValue< n::root, FSPathroot
NamedValue< n::tar_file, FSPathtar_file

Detailed Description

Parameters for a basic TarMerger.

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