paludis  Version 2.6.0
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paludis::Slot Struct Reference

#include <slot.hh>

Public Attributes

NamedValue< n::match_values, std::pair< SlotName, SlotName > > match_values
NamedValue< n::parallel_value, SlotNameparallel_value
NamedValue< n::raw_value, std::string > raw_value

Detailed Description

Represents an ID's slot, possibly with sub-slot related information.


Member Data Documentation

NamedValue<n::match_values, std::pair<SlotName, SlotName> > paludis::Slot::match_values

First value is the slot, second the sub-slot. Both should be the same when sub-slots are not being used. Matching is against the first value for a :slot, and against both for a :first/second.

NamedValue<n::parallel_value, SlotName> paludis::Slot::parallel_value

Used to determine what can be installed in parallel.

NamedValue<n::raw_value, std::string> paludis::Slot::raw_value

Used for output purposes, contains whatever the native representation is.


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