paludis  Version 2.6.0
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paludis::NDBAMUnmergerOptions Struct Reference

Public Attributes

NamedValue< n::config_protect, std::string > config_protect
NamedValue< n::config_protect_mask, std::string > config_protect_mask
NamedValue< n::contents_file, FSPathcontents_file
NamedValue< n::environment, const Environment * > environment
NamedValue< n::ignore, const std::function< bool(const FSPath &)> > ignore
NamedValue< n::ndbam, const NDBAM * > ndbam
NamedValue< n::output_manager, std::shared_ptr< OutputManager > > output_manager
NamedValue< n::package_id, std::shared_ptr< const PackageID > > package_id
NamedValue< n::root, FSPathroot

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