paludis  Version 2.6.0
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paludis::Elf32Type Struct Reference

Public Types

enum  { elf_class = ELFCLASS32 }
typedef Elf32_Ehdr Header
typedef Elf32_Shdr SectionHeader
typedef Elf32_Sym Symbol
typedef Elf32_Dyn DynamicEntry
typedef Elf32_Rel Relocation
typedef Elf32_Rela RelocationA
typedef Elf32_Off Offset
typedef Elf32_Half Half
typedef Elf32_Word Word
typedef Elf32_Addr Address
typedef Elf32_Word DynamicValue
typedef Elf32_Addr DynamicPointer
typedef Elf32_Sword DynamicTag
typedef Elf32_Addr RelocationOffset
typedef Elf32_Word RelocationInfo
typedef Elf32_Sword RelocationAddend
typedef Elf32_Word SectionSize

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