paludis  Version 2.6.0
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paludis::ChoiceParams Struct Reference

#include <choice.hh>

Public Attributes

NamedValue< n::consider_added_or_changed, bool > consider_added_or_changed
NamedValue< n::contains_every_value, bool > contains_every_value
NamedValue< n::hidden, bool > hidden
NamedValue< n::hide_description, bool > hide_description
NamedValue< n::human_name, std::string > human_name
NamedValue< n::prefix, ChoicePrefixNameprefix
NamedValue< n::raw_name, std::string > raw_name
NamedValue< n::show_with_no_prefix, bool > show_with_no_prefix

Detailed Description

Named parameters for Choice::Choice.


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