paludis  Version 2.6.0
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class  paludis::CreateInsertIterator< Value_, Iter_ >
class  paludis::EnumIterator< E_ >
class  paludis::IndirectIterator< Iter_, Value_ >
class  paludis::MemberIterator< Value_, Iterator_, member_ >
class  paludis::WrappedForwardIterator< Tag_, Value_ >
class  paludis::WrappedOutputIterator< Tag_, Value_ >


template<typename Iter_ >
IndirectIterator< Iter_ > paludis::indirect_iterator (const Iter_ &)
template<typename T_ >
T_ paludis::previous (const T_ &i)
template<typename T_ >
std::size_t paludis::capped_distance (T_ a, const T_ &b, unsigned n)

Detailed Description

Various iterator utilities.


Function Documentation

template<typename T_ >
std::size_t paludis::capped_distance ( T_  a,
const T_ &  b,
unsigned  n 

Return the distance from a to b, except if it is greater than n, in which case return n instead.

template<typename Iter_ >
IndirectIterator< Iter_ > paludis::indirect_iterator ( const Iter_ &  t)
template<typename T_ >
T_ paludis::previous ( const T_ &  i)

Return a new iterator pointing to the item before i.