paludis  Version 2.6.0
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paludis::args::ArgsVisitor Class Reference

#include <args_visitor.hh>

Public Member Functions

 ArgsVisitor (ArgsHandler::ArgsIterator *, ArgsHandler::ArgsIterator, const std::string &, std::string &remaining_chars, bool no, ArgsOptionSpecifiedness specifiedness)
void visit (StringArg &)
 Visit a StringArg.
void visit (AliasArg &)
 Visit an AliasArg.
void visit (SwitchArg &)
 Visit a SwitchArg.
void visit (IntegerArg &)
 Visit an IntegerArg.
void visit (EnumArg &)
 Visit an EnumArg.
void visit (StringSetArg &)
 Visit a StringSetArg.
void visit (StringSequenceArg &)
 Visit a StringSequenceArg.

Detailed Description

Visitor class. Processes command-line options as they are found.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

paludis::args::ArgsVisitor::ArgsVisitor ( ArgsHandler::ArgsIterator ,
ArgsHandler::ArgsIterator  ,
const std::string &  ,
std::string &  remaining_chars,
bool  no,
ArgsOptionSpecifiedness  specifiedness 



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