paludis  Version 2.6.0
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paludis::WrappedValue< Tag_ > Class Template Reference
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Public Member Functions

 WrappedValue (const typename WrappedValueTraits< Tag_ >::UnderlyingType &, const typename WrappedValueDevoid< typename WrappedValueTraits< Tag_ >::ValidationParamsType >::Type &=static_cast< NoType< 0u > * >(nullptr))
WrappedValueoperator= (const WrappedValue &)
 WrappedValue (const WrappedValue &)
const WrappedValueTraits< Tag_ >::UnderlyingType & value () const PALUDIS_ATTRIBUTE((warn_unused_result))
bool operator< (const WrappedValue &) const PALUDIS_ATTRIBUTE((warn_unused_result))
bool operator== (const WrappedValue &) const PALUDIS_ATTRIBUTE((warn_unused_result))

Detailed Description

template<typename Tag_>
class paludis::WrappedValue< Tag_ >

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