paludis  Version 2.6.0
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paludis::SetFile Class Reference

#include <set_file.hh>

Public Member Functions

const std::shared_ptr< const SetSpecTreecontents () const
void rewrite () const
bool add (const std::string &)
bool remove (const std::string &)

Basic operations

 SetFile (const SetFileParams &)
 ~SetFile ()
 SetFile (const SetFile &)=delete
SetFileoperator= (const SetFile &)=delete

Detailed Description

Shared code for files containing a package set.

Various set file formats are supported:

The file can be modified if it is sft_paludis_conf or sft_simple.

Member Function Documentation

bool paludis::SetFile::add ( const std::string &  )

Add an item to our contents, if it is not there already.

0.49 returns whether any lines were added
const std::shared_ptr<const SetSpecTree> paludis::SetFile::contents ( ) const

Fetch our contents.

bool paludis::SetFile::remove ( const std::string &  )

Remove any matching lines.

0.48 returns whether any lines were removed
void paludis::SetFile::rewrite ( ) const

Rewrite our contents.

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