paludis  Version 2.6.0
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paludis::Process Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Process (ProcessCommand &&)
 Process (const Process &)=delete
Processoperator= (const Process &)=delete
RunningProcessHandle run () PALUDIS_ATTRIBUTE((warn_unused_result))
Processcapture_stdout (std::ostream &)
Processcapture_stderr (std::ostream &)
Processcapture_output_to_fd (std::ostream &, int fd_or_minus_one, const std::string &env_var_with_fd)
Processsend_input_to_fd (std::istream &, int fd_or_minus_one, const std::string &env_var_with_fd)
Processset_stdin_fd (int)
Processpipe_command_handler (const std::string &, const ProcessPipeCommandFunction &)
Processsetenv (const std::string &, const std::string &)
Processclearenv ()
Processchdir (const FSPath &)
Processuse_ptys ()
Processsetuid_setgid (uid_t, gid_t)
Processecho_command_to (std::ostream &)
Processprefix_stdout (const std::string &)
Processprefix_stderr (const std::string &)
Processextra_newlines_if_any_output_exists ()
Processsandbox ()
Processsydbox ()
Processas_main_process ()

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