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paludis::FetchableURIDepSpec Class Reference

#include <dep_spec.hh>

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Public Member Functions

std::string original_url () const
std::string renamed_url_suffix () const
std::string filename () const
virtual std::shared_ptr< DepSpecclone () const PALUDIS_ATTRIBUTE((warn_unused_result))
- Public Member Functions inherited from paludis::StringDepSpec
std::string text () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from paludis::DepSpec
virtual const std::shared_ptr< const DepSpecAnnotationsmaybe_annotations () const PALUDIS_ATTRIBUTE((warn_unused_result))
virtual void set_annotations (const std::shared_ptr< const DepSpecAnnotations > &)
virtual ~DepSpec ()
 DepSpec (const DepSpec &)=delete
DepSpecoperator= (const DepSpec &)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from paludis::Cloneable< DepSpec >
virtual ~Cloneable ()

Basic operations

 FetchableURIDepSpec (const std::string &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from paludis::StringDepSpec
void set_text (const std::string &)
 StringDepSpec (const std::string &)
 ~StringDepSpec ()

Detailed Description

A FetchableURIDepSpec represents a fetchable URI part.

It differs from a SimpleURIDepSpec in that it supports arrow notation. Arrows are used by exheres to allow downloading to a filename other than that used by the original URL.


Member Function Documentation

virtual std::shared_ptr<DepSpec> paludis::FetchableURIDepSpec::clone ( ) const

Return a new copy of ourselves.

Implements paludis::Cloneable< DepSpec >.

std::string paludis::FetchableURIDepSpec::filename ( ) const

The filename (that is, the renamed URL suffix, if present, or the text after the final / in the original URL otherwise).

std::string paludis::FetchableURIDepSpec::original_url ( ) const

The original URL (that is, the text to the left of the arrow, if present, or the entire text otherwise).

std::string paludis::FetchableURIDepSpec::renamed_url_suffix ( ) const

The renamed URL filename (that is, the text to the right of the arrow, if present, or an empty string otherwise).

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