paludis  Version 2.6.0
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paludis::BufferOutputManager Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 BufferOutputManager (const std::shared_ptr< OutputManager > &)
virtual std::ostream & stdout_stream () PALUDIS_ATTRIBUTE((warn_unused_result))
virtual std::ostream & stderr_stream () PALUDIS_ATTRIBUTE((warn_unused_result))
virtual void succeeded ()
virtual void ignore_succeeded ()
virtual void flush ()
virtual bool want_to_flush () const
virtual void nothing_more_to_come ()
virtual void message (const MessageType, const std::string &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from paludis::OutputManager
 OutputManager (const OutputManager &)=delete
OutputManageroperator= (const OutputManager &)=delete

Static Public Member Functions

static const std::shared_ptr< const Set< std::string > > factory_managers () PALUDIS_ATTRIBUTE((warn_unused_result))
static const std::shared_ptr< OutputManagerfactory_create (const OutputManagerFactory::KeyFunction &, const OutputManagerFactory::CreateChildFunction &, const OutputManagerFactory::ReplaceVarsFunc &) PALUDIS_ATTRIBUTE((warn_unused_result))

Member Function Documentation

virtual void paludis::BufferOutputManager::flush ( )

Clients may call this method every few seconds when running multiple processes.

This is used to display ongoing buffered messages without mixing output from multiple processes.

Implements paludis::OutputManager.

virtual void paludis::BufferOutputManager::ignore_succeeded ( )

Instructs the output manager to ignore future calls to succeeded().

Typically this is used to force log files to be kept even if an error has occurred, if the error does not trigger the usual failure mechanisms.


Implements paludis::OutputManager.

virtual void paludis::BufferOutputManager::message ( const MessageType  ,
const std::string &   

An out of band message that might want to be logged or handled in a special way.

The caller must still also display the message to stdout_stream() as appropriate.

Implements paludis::OutputManager.

virtual void paludis::BufferOutputManager::nothing_more_to_come ( )

May be called to indicate that no further output or messages will occur, allowing for files to be closed off etc.

Summary messages are shown when the output manager is destructed, not when this method is called.

If this method and succeeded are both to be called, succeeded must be called first.

Implements paludis::OutputManager.

virtual void paludis::BufferOutputManager::succeeded ( )

Called if an action succeeds. This can be used to, for example, unlink the files behind a to-disk logged output manager.

If an OutputManager is destroyed without having had this method called, it should assume failure. This might mean keeping rather than removing log files, for example.

Further messages and output may occur even after a call to this method.

Calls to this method are done by the caller, not by whatever carries out the action in question.

If ignore_succeeded() has previously been called, does nothing.

Implements paludis::OutputManager.

virtual bool paludis::BufferOutputManager::want_to_flush ( ) const

Do we want to flush?

Provides a way for clients to avoid having to call flush() with a prefixed header when there's no output waiting.

Implements paludis::OutputManager.

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