22:14 Ticket #875 (src_fetch_extra ignores --skip{,-until}-phase) created by pipping
The parameters --skip-phase and --skip-until-phase do not currently cause …


15:45 Ticket #874 (cave fix-linkage should imply -1) created by ciaranm


14:21 Ticket #873 (cave display-resolution should only show not already taken suggestions) created by ciaranm
When replacing foo-1 with foo-2, if foo-2 has a suggestion on bar that …


10:41 Ticket #871 (multilib) closed by ciaranm
upstream: When it's done as a proper specification we'll pick it up.
10:38 Ticket #871 (multilib) created by Dwarik
There is some effort underway (in portage) to eliminate emul-linux-x86 …


10:22 Ticket #870 (cave display-resolution should use formats) created by ciaranm


18:17 Ticket #867 (cave fix-linkage notifiers) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 90f88326dbc6
15:45 Ticket #849 (short options with short enum args) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 03d686de567d9
15:44 Ticket #863 (Short options name clash in cave import) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 972f9224e


18:30 Ticket #868 (cave execute-resolution doesn't really need the entire resolution) created by ciaranm
11:53 Ticket #867 (cave fix-linkage notifiers) created by ciaranm
We should have a notifier for fix-linkage's big slow search
11:45 Ticket #866 (cave display-resolution should follow reasons) created by ciaranm
If we've got a -> b -> c -> d, and b and c are …


04:06 Ticket #865 (Self-block results in internal error) created by greenrd
I tried to block a package on itself (a "build:" block) because it can …


11:13 Ticket #864 (Run ldconfig right after unmerge) closed by dleverton
fixed: 59960f024e27


23:42 Ticket #864 (Run ldconfig right after unmerge) created by zlin
If you install gcc:4.5 on Exherbo you get a libstdc++.so pointing to that …


09:00 Ticket #863 (Short options name clash in cave import) created by filko_


18:26 Ticket #836 (cave fix-linkage) closed by ciaranm
18:26 Ticket #862 (cave fix-linkage options are icky) created by ciaranm
18:26 Ticket #861 (cave fix-linkage reasons should be better) created by ciaranm


14:13 Ticket #860 (cave resolve mask overrides) created by ciaranm
14:13 Ticket #859 (cave resolve masked should show details) created by ciaranm


16:09 Ticket #858 (cave show: show overridden masks) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 0d1eded
13:35 Ticket #858 (cave show: show overridden masks) created by pioto
Just like paludis --query will mark which masks have been overridden for …


16:47 Ticket #857 (Paludis doesn't update world with package updates) closed by ciaranm
duplicate: ticket:585
16:46 Ticket #857 (Paludis doesn't update world with package updates) created by Lustmored
Recently there was move from dev-util/git to dev-vcs/git. Paludis handles …


20:22 Ticket #856 (cave suggestions) created by ciaranm
Add the sort of suggestions that the paludis client gives if you try to do …


00:33 Ticket #855 (Paludis fails to move packages in world) created by uzytkownik
After move vcs from dev-util to dev-vcs: […] World needed to be …
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