22:46 Ticket #662 (paludis hits xargs / find --exec limits) closed by ciaranm
worksforme: For me xargs does the right thing and does as many chmod calls as …
20:19 Ticket #677 (No support for installed tree updates from $portage/profiles/updates) closed by ciaranm
duplicate: ticket:162 Also see the paludis-user mailing list or the #paludis topic.
20:16 Ticket #677 (No support for installed tree updates from $portage/profiles/updates) created by mgrela
Hi, I've noticed, that paludis doesn't support Global Updates published …
01:06 Ticket #442 (metadata.xml support) closed by ciaranm


14:57 Ticket #676 (bash completion for cave) created by filko_


20:41 Ticket #673 ([PATCH] Support for 7zip archives) closed by dleverton
fixed: I suppose that's a no... b9e0872, thanks.


15:43 Ticket #655 (Update qualudis to handle EAPI 2 use dependencies better) closed by ciaranm
fixed: 635179144839fa3 should make this a bit saner.


00:17 Ticket #675 (Cannot compile under paludis, works with portage) closed by ciaranm
invalid: Your eclassdirs for the mpd repository are in the wrong order. The …


14:33 Ticket #675 (Cannot compile under paludis, works with portage) created by avuton
Please excuse me, because I'm not positive this is a Paludis bug, but it …


14:26 Ticket #674 (support for "fallback" mirrors) created by kimrhh
Make it possible to have a mirror which is only used as the last option, …


15:10 Ticket #673 ([PATCH] Support for 7zip archives) created by mgrela
Hi, When trying to install some quake1 version I`ve noticed, that Paludis …
04:35 Ticket #672 ([FEATURE] playman support for HTTP proxies) closed by pioto
fixed: This should be fixed with 64b2221 I added support for parsing the …


14:35 Ticket #672 ([FEATURE] playman support for HTTP proxies) created by mgrela
Hi, The playman utility is missing a very desired (yet trivial) piece of …
00:38 Ticket #671 (Ruby fails repository tests.) closed by pioto
worksforme: meh... it just succeeded for me... so, i guess it was cosmic rays or …


22:03 Ticket #246 (Force USE=test) closed by ciaranm
21:19 Ticket #658 ("psychic" repository) closed by ciaranm
wontfix: Sorry, silly tickets are only allowed if they have a special number.
21:18 Ticket #640 (Add repository for non-existant packages) closed by ciaranm
21:18 Ticket #647 (Option dependencies trigger false positives for "flag is not listed in ...) closed by ciaranm
fixed: Fairly sure this is fixed with OPTIONS.
21:10 Ticket #564 (Expand MYOPTIONS syntax to include OPTION_EXPAND things) closed by ciaranm
21:10 Ticket #669 (mirrorselect doesn't work with mirrors.conf) closed by ciaranm
invalid: mirrorselect isn't a Paludis tool.
18:43 Ticket #671 (Ruby fails repository tests.) created by pioto
I think the nightlies are failing in a different way... but I'm getting …
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