15:01 Ticket #293 (qualudis --master-repository-dir got broken after 0.24.2) created by peper
11:30 Ticket #292 (Add list of URIs to be downloaded to paludis) created by gentoofan23
paludis does not have a feature like emerge that does "emerge -fuDp …


11:50 Ticket #291 (Package installing the same file twice causes problems) created by dleverton
If an package tries to install two files that will end up having the same …
11:45 Ticket #290 (ebuild.bash env filtering shouldn't do EAPI or SLOT) closed by dleverton
fixed: r3119
11:14 Ticket #290 (ebuild.bash env filtering shouldn't do EAPI or SLOT) created by ciaranm
ebuild.bash shouldn't filter EAPI or SLOT, since they can come from …


17:44 Ticket #289 (--tests option) created by ciaranm
--tests none|user|developer , with test categories defined by …


19:12 Ticket #33 (paludis::ReportTask dubs virtual/alsa (new-style) as unused) reopened by Hypnos
I have encountered this bug, using Paludis 0.24.2 and the Gentoo GNUstep …


09:09 Ticket #288 (BASH_REMATCH variable not filtered from environment) created by AstralStorm
Paludis doesn't filter variable BASH_REMATCH out. It can appear in …


19:28 Ticket #280 (gtkpaludis exceptions) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3105
19:27 Ticket #287 (Use libwrapiter -fwd headers) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3098
09:27 Ticket #287 (Use libwrapiter -fwd headers) created by ciaranm
We should use libwrapiter -fwd headers for faster compiles.
09:27 Ticket #286 (Split up collection) created by ciaranm
Collection could do with a split up.


23:03 Ticket #282 (specpath -> specpath.conf) closed by rbrown
fixed: fixed in r3093
10:57 Ticket #285 (different character for use_expand) created by DerCorny
10:50 < ciaranm> why... don't we use a different character for …
08:19 Ticket #283 (Environment definable distribution) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3087
07:06 Ticket #284 (Distribution-defined defaults should handle ROOT better) created by ciaranm
Distribution-defined defaults should handle ROOT better.
07:05 Ticket #283 (Environment definable distribution) created by ciaranm
Environment should be able to define distribution.
06:54 Ticket #282 (specpath -> specpath.conf) created by ciaranm
specpath should be a .conf


20:43 Ticket #281 (gtkpaludis sync support) created by ciaranm
gtkpaludis should support syncing
20:41 Ticket #280 (gtkpaludis exceptions) created by ciaranm
gtkpaludis should handle exceptions.
20:41 Ticket #279 (gtkpaludis tasks page) created by ciaranm
gtkpaludis should have a tasks page.
20:41 Ticket #278 (gtkpaludis config page) created by ciaranm
gtkpaludis should have a config page
20:40 Ticket #277 (gtkpaludis sets page) created by ciaranm
gtkpaludis should have a sets page.
20:39 Ticket #276 (gtkpaludis dep queue support) created by ciaranm
gtkpaludis should support a dep queue.
20:39 Ticket #275 (gtkpaludis query window extensions) created by ciaranm
The gtkpaludis query window should show more things.
20:37 Ticket #274 (Installed repository name consistency) created by ciaranm
installed, cran_installed, installed-gems. Not consistent.
20:36 Ticket #273 (Gems deps) created by ciaranm
Gems deps don't work.
20:36 Ticket #272 (Gems sync) created by ciaranm
Gems needs sync support.
20:35 Ticket #271 (Gems metadata) created by ciaranm
Gems metadata is currently mostly ignored.
16:26 Ticket #270 (Switch to -D for hashes) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3073
09:50 Ticket #28 (pkg-config) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3066
09:50 Ticket #270 (Switch to -D for hashes) created by ciaranm
We should switch to -DPALUDIS_HASHES_IS_STD_TR1 etc for hashes.


13:25 Ticket #267 (Make instantiation_policy-impl) closed by ciaranm
13:25 Ticket #266 (Make private_implementation_pattern-impl) closed by ciaranm
08:12 Ticket #265 (EAPI definable metadata variables) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3060


05:04 Ticket #264 (EAPI definable call sequences) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3056


06:30 Ticket #269 (Dependencies not caught on "-pi world") closed by ciaranm
invalid: azureus doesn't RDEPEND upon desktop-file-utils. Use …


14:56 Ticket #269 (Dependencies not caught on "-pi world") created by chutz
I have net-p2p/azureus in my /var/db/pkg/world. However, the upgrade for …


23:41 Ticket #268 (Change VisitorThing::ConstItem) created by ciaranm
Using VisitorThing::ConstItem makes it much harder to use …
23:34 Ticket #267 (Make instantiation_policy-impl) created by ciaranm
Make instantiation_policy-impl.
23:34 Ticket #266 (Make private_implementation_pattern-impl) created by ciaranm
Make private_implementation_pattern-impl, use it in .cc files.
20:59 Ticket #263 (Distribution-defined defaults) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3052
20:59 Ticket #265 (EAPI definable metadata variables) created by ciaranm
EAPIs should be able to define metadata variables.
20:58 Ticket #264 (EAPI definable call sequences) created by ciaranm
EAPIs should be able to define call sequences.
08:37 Ticket #256 (EAPI data into text files) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3049
04:57 Ticket #263 (Distribution-defined defaults) created by ciaranm
For things like default environments and default parameters, we should …
04:57 Ticket #262 (exheres layout) created by ciaranm
We need an exheres layout
04:57 Ticket #261 (Split out AddVisitor) created by ciaranm
AddVisitor is better split out of DepList.
04:57 Ticket #260 (Kill builtin_fetch) created by ciaranm
builtin_fetch must die to make -> easier.
04:57 Ticket #259 (New phase functions) created by ciaranm
src_fetch, src_prepare, src_configure
04:57 Ticket #258 (DEPENDENCIES support) created by ciaranm
04:57 Ticket #257 (SRC_URI a -> b support) created by ciaranm
SRC_URI a -> b support.
04:57 Ticket #256 (EAPI data into text files) created by ciaranm
We should stick EAPI data in text files rather than hard coding.


19:57 Ticket #255 (Add DepSpec->clone()) closed by dleverton
fixed: r3044


23:04 Ticket #255 (Add DepSpec->clone()) created by ciaranm
DepSpec could use a clone method.
21:56 Ticket #254 (Rename Portage -> E) created by ciaranm
Rename Portage -> E.
21:55 Ticket #253 (Manifest2 Support) created by ciaranm
Manifest2 support.
19:31 Ticket #213 (wxpython- closed by ciaranm
wontfix: Using wontfix since trac won't let us add an 'upstream' resolution
18:37 Ticket #245 (Allow EAPIs to ban || ( use?) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3037
16:02 Ticket #226 (Visitor subpolicies) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3034


23:03 Ticket #240 (comparisons could be templated) closed by ciaranm


05:34 Ticket #252 (Persistent database for new_packages hook?) created by eternaleye
On every sync, the new_packages hook rebuilds its database and diffs it …


13:43 Ticket #251 (allow --regenerate-*-cache options to take repo names as arguments) created by pioto
Should work just like --sync. Also should update the *_cache_regen hooks …
10:25 Ticket #250 (portage2paludis.sh does not work for directory-syntax for keywords and ...) created by data
When using the portage-syntax with directories for the keywords and the …


17:40 Ticket #248 ('lirc_devices_with-driver=devinput' is not a valid use flag name) closed by peper
fixed: r3014 changed severity of this to a warning.
11:18 Ticket #249 (paludis uses shell -> errors in /etc/profile and slows down paludis) closed by ciaranm
invalid: You shouldn't include anything in /etc/profile that is required to work …
09:49 Ticket #249 (paludis uses shell -> errors in /etc/profile and slows down paludis) created by deac
paludis uses a shell, which loads /etc/profile. in my /etc/profile …


16:23 Ticket #238 (Access std::tr1 through an alias) closed by ciaranm
fixed: r3011
10:18 Ticket #248 ('lirc_devices_with-driver=devinput' is not a valid use flag name) created by tytanick
hi, i have problem with my paludis, i did everything in howto, and now …
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