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kusi owes rbrown £10

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I have a stable sys-fs/udev keyword in keywords. nevertheless, paludis tries to install the unstable sys-fs/udev. emerge would do the right thing

$paludis -pi udev

These packages will be installed:

  • sys-fs/udev-116 {:0} [U 111-r3]

Total: 1 package (1 upgrade)

$emerge -pv udev Calculating dependencies... done! [ebuild U ] sys-fs/udev-115-r1 [111-r3] USE="(-selinux)" 210 kB Total: 1 package (1 upgrade)

$grep udev /etc/paludis/keywords.conf sys-fs/udev x86

$eix sys-fs/udev [U] sys-fs/udev

Available versions: 104-r12 104-r13 ~111 ~111-r1 ~111-r3 ~112 ~112-r1 ~113 ~113-r1 ~113-r2 114 ~114-r1 ~114-r2 ~115 115-r1 ~115-r5 ~115-r6 ~116 {selinux} Installed versions: 111-r3(10:40:35 AM 06/04/2007)(-selinux)


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relevant files from /etc/paludis

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What does paludis -qM udev say? What else do you have in your configuration files?

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relevant files from /etc/paludis

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by kusi

zipfile with all relevant config files attached. I use stable packages for the system set, the remaining packages are unstable. This was working well with portage.

I just figured out that the described behavior appears for all packages in system, not only udev. So it's probably a misconfiguration of my keywords.conf

How do I set all packages to ~x86 and all packages of the system set to x86 keyword?

$paludis -qM udev

  • sys-fs/udev

gentoo: 104-r12 104-r13 111 111-r1 111-r3 112 112-r1 113 113-r1 113-r2 114 114-r1 114-r2 115 115-r1 115-r5 115-r6 116 {:0} installed: 111-r3* {:0} HOMEPAGE:  http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/kernel/hotplug/udev.html DESCRIPTION: Linux dynamic and persistent device naming support (aka userspace devfs) LICENSE: ( GPL-2 ) DEPEND: ( selinux? ( sys-libs/libselinux ) ) RDEPEND: ( selinux? ( sys-libs/libselinux ) !sys-apps/coldplug >=sys-apps/baselayout-1.12.5 ) SOURCE_ORIGIN: sys-fs/udev-111-r3::gentoo INSTALLED_TIME: 1180946436 PROVIDE: ( virtual/dev-manager ) IUSE: selinux KEYWORDS: * SRC_URI: mirror://kernel/linux/utils/kernel/hotplug/udev-111.tar.bz2

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How do I set all packages to ~x86 and all packages of the system set to x86 keyword?

Please read  http://paludis.pioto.org/configuration.html again.

Keywording is cumulative so that people can use:

*/* x86 foo/bar ~x86

without having to write foo/bar ~x86 x86.

Unfortunately I made claim to £10 on #paludis if you had */* ~x86 in your keywords.conf, I accept all major credit cards.

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