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Paludis missed dependency block on upgrade

Reported by: Mellen Owned by: ciaranm
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Component: core/paludis Version: 0.24.5
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Distribution: Gentoo


I was attempting to upgrade from media-libs/openexr-1.4.0a to 1.6.0. >=1.5 pulls in a new lib, media-libs/ilmbase, which has openexr-1.4.0a as blocking but paludis ignores this unless I add media-libs/ilmbase to the command line.

paludis --dl-upgrade always --dl-new-slots always --install --pretend --show-reasons summary media-libs/openexr output:  http://rafb.net/p/RB6wbc53.html

emerge -vp --update media-libs/openexr output:  http://rafb.net/p/hJfbnj13.html


openexr.log Download (36.4 KB) - added by zlin 11 years ago.
paludis -ip openexr --log-level debug &>openexr.log

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by Mellen

Btw. related gentoo bug here:  http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=192804

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by dleverton

Please don't post links to rafb.net, they expire after 24 hours. Posting the contents here since I'm apparently not allowed to edit the description....

Paludis output:

Building target list... 
Building dependency list...

These packages will be installed:

* media-libs/ilmbase-1.0.0 {:0} [N]  <media-libs/openexr-1.6.0::gentoo>
* dev-util/pkgconfig-0.22 {:0} [U 0.21-r1] (-hardened) <media-libs/openexr-1.6.0::gentoo>
* media-libs/openexr-1.6.0 {:0} [U 1.4.0a] doc -examples

Total: 3 packages (1 new, 2 upgrades)

Portage output:

These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating dependencies  ..... ..... ..... ...... done!
[ebuild     U ] dev-util/pkgconfig-0.22 [0.21-r1] USE="(-hardened)" 983 kB 
[ebuild     U ] media-libs/openexr-1.6.0 [1.4.0a] USE="doc -examples (-opengl%*)" VIDEO_CARDS="(-nvidia%*)" 13,310 kB 
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/ilmbase-1.0.0  460 kB 
[blocks B     ] <media-libs/openexr-1.5.0 (is blocking media-libs/ilmbase-1.0.0)

Total: 3 packages (2 upgrades, 1 new, 1 block), Size of downloads: 14,752 kB

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by ciaranm

--log-level debug please.

Changed 11 years ago by zlin

paludis -ip openexr --log-level debug &>openexr.log

comment:4 Changed 11 years ago by ciaranm

Ok, for some reason ilmbase is showing up with empty deps. Please paste paludis -qMD =media-libs/ilmbase-1.0.0::gentoo .

comment:5 Changed 11 years ago by Mellen

* =media-libs/ilmbase-1.0.0::gentoo
    gentoo:            1.0.0* {:0}
    HOMEPAGE:          http://openexr.com/
    DESCRIPTION:       OpenEXR ILM Base libraries
    LICENSE:           ( BSD )
    DEPEND:            ( !<media-libs/openexr-1.5.0 )
    RDEPEND:           ( !<media-libs/openexr-1.5.0 )
    KEYWORDS:          ~amd64 ~hppa ~x86
    SRC_URI:           http://download.savannah.nongnu.org/releases/openexr/ilmbase-1.0.0.tar.gz

comment:6 Changed 9 years ago by ciaranm

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The new resolver doesn't have this issue. It won't be fixed in the legacy resolver.

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