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#516 reconcilio always wants to build kdeaddons clients/reconcilio defect 02/23/08

reconcilio always wants to build kdeaddons. (versions 0.26.0_alpha9 and 3.5.8, respectively).

It reports:

  • kde-base/kdeaddons-3.5.8::installed

/usr/kde/3.5/lib64/kde3/noatun_oblique.so (requires /usr/lib64/libdb_cxx-4.5.so)

Based on conversations with dleverton on the IRC channel, the problem has something to do with the fact that the whole path is listed (/usr/lib64/libdb_cxx-4.5.so).

#292 Add list of URIs to be downloaded to paludis misc Misc features enhancement 06/18/07

paludis does not have a feature like emerge that does "emerge -fuDp world". This(In case nobody remebers what it does) lists all URIs that would be downloaded. Paludis does not currently have a method to do this. Expected behavior would be "paludis -pfi world" which would list all possible URIs that could be downloaded.

I am going to provide a patch to the docs so other users do not wonder if it is possible.

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